MMA's UFC 110

Feb 19, 2010 8:39 PM

UFC 110 will be live Feb. 20 from Australia. We will look at three fights, beginning with Antonio Nogueira versus Cain Velasquez . 

Velasquez is the favorite at -120 and Nogueira is the underdog at -110.



Velasquez is 7-0 as a professional. He will face his toughest opponent this weekend in Nogueira. Velasquez is a great wrestler with extreme ground and pound. He will need to be on top of his game on Saturday.

Nogueira has 33 victories between Pride and UFC. He has a world class Jiu Jitsu game. Velasquez will have to ground and pound early and stay away from a submission.

Nogeuira will have to be patient and watch out for the explosive attacks. I will pick the veteran Noguiera to get the submission or win by decision.

The next fight we will look at is Wanderlei Silva versus Michael Bisping. Silva is the favorite at -145 and Bisping is the underdog at +115.

If you are a fan of pure strikers, this is the fight you will not want to miss. Both of these guys are know for trying to throw big knockout punches.

Wanderlei is the veteran, but I'm going to pick Bisping to upset him. I think he will tactically by using the old "stick and move." Silva will chase him, but I don't think he can last with the quick Bisping.

Finally, we see another undefeated wrestler take on a veteran who might be at the end of the road. Ryan Bader versus Keith Jardine.

These fights seem to be a crossroads for many fighters. The young up-and-comer against the veteran who really needs a win to prove he can still hang with the current level of modern day fighters.

Bader is the favorite at -160 and Jardine is the underdog at +130.

I think Ryan Bader will look for a quick takedown and try to ground and pound Jardine. Jardine can show a tough first round, but normally fades fast after that. I will pick Bader easily in this one.

Until next week, I hope you cash some tickets.