New MMA Fighter

Feb 12, 2010 9:07 PM

After UFC 109: Relentless, Randy “The Natural” Couture came out victorious. By submitting Mark “The Hammer” Coleman in the second round, Couture is now 2-0 in his most recent comeback as a light heavyweight.

In an upset, Chael Sonnen took Nate Marquardt three rounds before the unanimous decision came out to declare Sonnen the winner. Some speculate that Sonnen may have a chance for the middle weight belt against Anderson Silva now that Vitor Belford is out with a shoulder injury.


Belford, who was scheduled to fight Anderson Silva UFC 112’s debut fight in Abu Dhabi, has successfully undergone shoulder surgery and is expected to return in four months.


Rumor has it that the next professional athlete to turn MMA fighter will be MLB’s Jose Canseco. After his fight bout in Japan ending in a defeat, Canseco may be looking to go in the cage against Strikeforce’s Hershel Walker.