MMA: Best of 2009

Dec 27, 2009 12:25 AM

Kapper MMA by Erick “Kapper” Kapp | IMG1

I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and happy holiday season; 2009 has brought us some tremendous fights. We had Mauricio Rua knocking out Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva destroying Forrest Griffin, Lyoto Machida picking apart Rasahad Evans, Fedor Emelianenko dropping Brett Rogers with one massive shot, Brock Lesnar dominating Frank Mir, only to see Mir come back and do the same to Chieck Congo. Penn and St. Pierre showed their dominance in both their divisions and Roy Nelson became the next Ultimate Fighter. If you listened to me along the way, you cashed quite a few tickets and made some money. I hope that trend continues in 2010. We'll find out next week when we discuss UFC 108. Until then, enjoy your holidays!

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