Remembering the start of college football in 1980

September 01, 2015 3:00 AM


NCAA Football Texas LonghornsWe go back to Sept. 1, 1980 and the start of the college football season. SPORT FORM’s John Bennett in his Opening Line picked Arkansas to upset Texas, 20-13.

At that time those two powers were part of the Southwest Conference. The Longhorns were 1.5-point favorites at home but J.B. was hogwild for the Razorbacks.

“Texas has little more offense and less defense this year, will be hard-pressed to keep score close,” Bennett wrote for page 1. “Lack of daring hurts fine Texas offense which needs 20 points or more to win.”

It was the featured Monday night game with the NFL starting up six days later on Sept. 7. Arkansas got the last score, a touchdown with 3:11 left. Too little, too late. Final: Texas 23, Arkansas 17.

Hey, nobody said picking winners against the spread is easy. JB was legendary and so much a part of our history.

Also, Jackie Gaughan announced the El Cortez sportsbook challenged Muhammad Ali, his associates or backers to bet $1 million that the former champ would beat Larry Holmes in their bout at Caesars Palace. Las Vegas bookmaker Bob Martin suggested the challenge, saying “I can’t see any way Ali can beat Holmes.”

Ali did not open his mouth once about the bet. Bob was right

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