Holm KO’s Rousey in UFC’s biggest upset

Holm KO’s Rousey in UFC’s biggest upset

November 15, 2015 7:01 AM


Holm KO’s Rousey in UFC’s biggest upsetSimply put, the biggest upset in UFC history. Ronda Rousey found her match in Holly Holm, going down Down Under in Melbourne, Australia.

Before more than 70,000 fans, Holm defied the odds and scored a savage second round knockout to become the new 135-pound women’s bantamweight champion.

A headkick to the neck finished Rousey, who had sloppily chased Holm around the cage with her hands down, eating countless left hands and unable to get her down to the mat for any considerable amount of time.

Between rounds one and two, Rousey’s corner inexplicably praised her strategy rather than advising her to calm down ... or at least not be so reckless against a precision counterstriker.

In round two, a side kick from Holm found its mark, setting up the sequence that led to the shocking finish. In a scramble, Holm ducked a Rousey punch, landed a grazing shot, while “Rowdy” slid past her and onto the ground. With her back turned – and possibly dazed (definitely confused) – the 34-year-old landed a clean headkick that dropped Rousey. 

Holm followed it up with punches, but it was clear that Rousey was unconscious, blood dripping from her mouth.

Both Rousey and Holm entered the fight unbeaten, but hardly anyone figured the one absorbing that first loss would be Rousey.

UFC commissioner Dana White told Fox Sports that a rematch is likely, but not anytime soon. He said Rousey was taken to the hospital to get stitches for a busted lip and she is in the process of filming a movie.

Meanwhile Holm is the new champ in just her fourth UFC fight and clearly her life has forever changed.

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