Remembering... 1989 for Leonard-Duran III

December 01, 2015 3:00 AM


We go back to this week in 1989 when the big buzz in town was the third Leonard-Duran fight slated for the just opened Mirage.

Sugar Ray Leonard was installed as a -210 favorite in the third and rubber match between the two legendary fighters. Leonard lost the first on a close decision then won the rematch in the infamous No Mas bout when Duran quit out of frustration.

SPORTS FORM boxing columnist Jack Welsh recalled the No Mas, stating, “Duran committed boxing’s cardinal sin by walking out of the ring in New Orleans.”

The bout drew a sellout crowd of 16,305 to the outdoor arena erected behind the $630 million Mirage, which debuted to the public on Nov. 22 – just over 26 years ago.

Interesting that Leonard-Duran III was fought on a Thursday, something rarely done today when almost all bigtime fights take place on Saturdays. Leonard, who wound up victorious in that third bout, wound up earning $12.6 million while Duran took home $7.6 million.

As for the NFL, SPORTS FORM columnist Ken Jones brought up the question in his Walk ‘n Talk piece, “Who do you consider the best all-around pro quarterback today?”

The responses came back Joe Montana, Randall Cunningham and Roger Staubach. Most were with Montana.

And our own Richard Saber was then a competitor in the weekly Bookies Battle that still features the best race and sportsbook directors around Las Vegas.

Saber was representing the Stardust and his record against the spread was 93-85 off the previous week’s fine 10-4 effort. We decided to keep Richie around a few more years.

Mark Mayer has over 35 years covering sports events and is the sports editor at GT. Twitter: @MarkMayerGT Email:

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