Amount of money involved means Conor vs. Floyd will happen

Amount of money involved means Conor vs. Floyd will happen

March 28, 2017 3:03 AM


It looks like after they milk all they can with the phony bologna drama and hype, the biggest money fight of all time will happen. Too much money to be had to not let Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. duke it out in the ring.

“In the ring” has all the meaning that matters in this spectacle. In a boxing ring with Western boxing rules, Mayweather has a much better chance of staying erect and even winning. In the octagon with UFC rules he gets mangled even though he’ll have a bigger space to run from McGregor.

I’d rather see them in a 16- or 20-foot boxing ring fighting under UFC rules. Mayweather will never, ever agree to that. I once posed the question: Which of the females Mayweather sucker punched took the best punch? We’ll find out who takes the best punch if these two meet in the ring, any ring.

Anyone have a total on the gross that could be generated by this fight? Live gate and PPV, it’s mind boggling. It will probably take place in a venue like Texas Stadium where the field would be utilized to hold maybe 120,000 people (at $500 for the cheapest nose-bleed seats). UFC 205 saw McGregor and Eddie Alvarez post 1.6 million PPV buys in the U.S alone, $17M live gate in Madison Square Garden (20k seats). McGregor/Mayweather would dwarf the UFC 205 numbers world wide. Again, it’s mind boggling.

I saw the first PPV ever on a big screen in Pittsburgh in 1961. The title fight, the rubber match between heavyweights Floyd Patterson, the winner, and Ingemar Johansson. Total live gate and PPV – $3.3 million. Take care.