Bettors on McGregor's side to defeat Mayweather

Bettors on McGregor's side to defeat Mayweather

June 19, 2017 9:59 AM


Despite boxing experts insisting that Conor McGregor lacks any chance of beating the heavily favored and undefeated Floyd Mayweather, the preponderance of wagers, so far, have been on the plucky Irishman to be victorious.

Numerous Nevada bookies have reported that the number of tickets on McGregor has far exceeded the total on the now un-retired Mayweather and have adjusted their odds accordingly.

McGregor, the lightweight UFC Champion, will fight under boxing rules, despite never having had an officially sanctioned bout under those rules.

The event is expected to shatter pay-per-view records and interest in it vastly outweighs any other headline Las Vegas bouts, with some estimates that there will be more money placed on McGregor vs. Mayweather in two days compared to an entire two months of betting on Saturdays’ controversial Andre Ward victory over Sergey Kovalev.

The McGregor versus Mayweather battle will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 26th.