More beer worlds for Sabatini to conquer at Tuscany

Jul 4, 2017 3:00 AM

Man vs. Beers. Any full-blooded bettor wouldn’t mind taking on that challenge.

MGM corporate employee Mark Sabatini did and had no doubt in his mind he would win. Last week at PUB 365 inside Tuscany Suites & Casino his victory was not only assured, but celebrated.

“I heard about PUB 365 on the radio and wanted to try all 365,” said Sabatini who handles events for all the MGM properties. “I like beer, but actually prefer scotch.”

Perhaps down the road some innovative tavern will come up with 365 different scotches, but on this day it was all about the beers. Nine months after Sabatini made this his personal matchup, he noted that it wasn’t a matter if he would win, but when.

“This was a solo operation,” he said. “No friends spurred me on. I love a challenge, especially when someone says it can’t be done.”

So the saga began last October and roughly three days a week Sabatini would make the short drive to Tuscany from MGM and knock off a different brand of beer at a time. Since Tuscany will rotate beers in and out of PUB 365 to always maintain that total, there will continually be new worlds to conquer for Sabatini.

“I will continue to drink the new brands as they become available,” he said. “I like things with odd flavors and really became fond of Russian stouts. I also like Belching Beaver, which is a peanut butter stout.”

Stout certainly fits the build of Sabatini, who was born in Liberty, N.Y., where Genesee is a popular upstate beer. Cream ale was his preference for that brew.

“When I am at a ballgame, I will order a Budweiser,” said Sabatini, who remains a fan of the New York Yankees through his 20 years as a Las Vegas resident. “I really don’t have a top 10 of beers. I just like to try them all.”

Sabatini was inspired by PUB 365’s list of people who drank a certain amount of beers. His game plan was to keep coming to Tuscany, make a bet here and there, and never drink the same beer twice.

“I have had everything on the menu,” he said. “I approached this like a ballgame and I’m happy to say I won. There are more worlds here to conquer. New brands will come in and I will keep trying them out.”

Sabatini’s reward for perseverance in becoming the first member of Club 365 to reach the 365 beer goal is an all-inclusive two-night, three-day trip to San Diego.

“I am not sure if I can catch a Padres game on the trip since I’ll be making a tour of a microbrewery there,” he said.

If anyone from the Milwaukee Brewers sees this article, here’s your guy for the seventh inning brat race. Throw in a Miller, Old Mil and Milwaukee’s Best as part of the deal.

Blunder down Under

By now maybe the twitterverse has moved on to another rant about Trump or the Russians, but the bout in Brisbane between Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao sure got more run for the money than we could ever have imagined.

If anyone even slightly familar with boxing who watched the fight  would have given the decision to Pacquiao. The three judges, two from the United States and the other from Argentina, must have seen the fight from Google World.

Hey, all the credit to Horn who brought the fight to Manny from start to finish -- an ending that sure seemed to have come at the end of the ninth round when a wobbly and bleeding Aussie looked to be done.

But the ref was generous to allow Horn to “show him something” in Round 10 and the Aussie did.

Or rather Manny didn’t.

This decision isn’t the first bad one boxing has experienced and it sure won’t be the last. In the end, the outcome really didn’t matter.

Pacquiao was supposed to knock Horn out. Instead he showed his 38 years of age -- the hand speed slower, the punching power diminished and the sad realization that his best days are behind him.

As for Horn, he figures to get another nice payday in Brisbane later this year if Manny decides to envoke the rematch clause in his contract, which he appears to want done.

If that turns out to be the case, the rematch should draw a much larger following and likely ESPN will pull real hard to show this one live as well.

Then we will be back to square one where we wait and see if Manny can avoid a 14th straight fight without a knockout verdict.

Horn did throw more punches and all too often perception beats fact. Manny was a loser anyway.