Propositions abound for Mayweather-McGregor

Propositions abound for Mayweather-McGregor

August 08, 2017 3:09 AM


There’s all kinds of things going on in Las Vegas sportsbooks with baseball heading into its stretch run and preseason NFL plus college football on the betting board, but the big buzz everywhere is the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather bout on August 26.

The date is closing fast and so far every book in town is in the same boat, needing Mayweather money. But there’s a couple of new betting revelations happening with the bout as well.

SuperBook props

Leave it to the Westgate SuperBook crew to come out with the most innovative boxing prop sheet ever seen in Las Vegas. It is six pages of pure awesome, tying anything officially scored in the fight to things like Aaron Judge hitting a homer. What will there be more of, Judge hitting a homer against the Mariners on the 26th or official McGregor knockdowns? Before you choose a side, know that it’s a pick ‘em and Judge is -300.

That prop shows in detail how much the SuperBook gang really feels about McGregor’s chances. Judge, the MLB home run leader with 35, has hit only eight homers since June 29, a span of 107 at-bats. The Westgate is basically saying something that happens about once every four games is far more likely than McGregor catching a lucky shot on the elusive Mayweather. They felt so bad about McGregor’s chances that they put a -300 smart tax on Judge.

There’s a dozen more props like that, many of which are basically saying McGregor has no shot at winning this fight. They might as well have thrown up a prop that asks what will happen first: hell freezing over plus when pigs fly vs. McGregor winning a round against Mayweather… let’s call it a pick ‘em, -110 each way.

In progress boxing

MGM Resorts sportsbooks will offer in-progress fast-paced wagering for the McGregor/Mayweather bout in between rounds. Despite having almost every major boxing and MMA event of the past two decades held on their properties, this will mark the first time MGM Resorts has ever offered in-progress wagering on boxing. They recently got approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board after explaining how and when in the match they would accept wagers, when wagering would close, and the official source of timing/video feed, etc.

MGM books will also promote its mobile phone app, which will make it easy for all to try in-progress no matter where they watch the bout. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Nevada resident or not. To sign-up, you need to be at least 21, have a cash deposit and be within state lines to make a wager. With each ensuing visit to Las Vegas, simply deposit some cash and you’re in action again.

MGM Resorts will already write more than 65 percent of Nevada’s entire handle between their 10 books on the Strip, but the addition of in-progress on their phone app should take that number even higher just because of giving bettors the opportunity to bail out of their initial bet or press the issue.

Mayweather prices

Some Las Vegas sportsbooks are holding firm at prices while others are simply moving with the money, and so far most of the money has been on McGregor. William Hill reported that 95 percent of the tickets written have been on McGregor, which has forced them to drop Mayweather from being an opening -1100 favorite ($11 to win $1) down to -600. It’s likely to go much lower; dare I say -400?

My advice to those in town this weekend is to wait as long as possible to wager on Mayweather and if you like McGregor bet it now. But first make sure you shop around. Don’t take the +375 on McGregor at the Stratosphere just because you’re there. Take the +525 a block away at the Westgate. If you absolutely can’t get a bet down on the fight in your hometown and have to get down this weekend on Mayweather, go to the Golden Nugget where they’re offering -550. Don’t bet it at the Westgate where he’s a city-high -750.

Before the fight was officially announced, the Westgate opened Mayweather at -2500.

SuperContest weekend

Your chance to win one of six free SuperContest entries is right around the corner. All you have to do is show up during SuperContest Weekend, Aug. 17-19, and you’ll be given a raffle ticket and a chance to enter the most prestigious sports handicapping contest in the world. It costs $1,500 to enter. Winning this contest, where you pick five NFL sides against the spread each week, can be a life changing experience. There’s a strong possibility the SuperContest winner will take home a big $1 million check this season, which would be a first. They have taken in 44 percent more entries this year than at the same date last season.

D’backs real or not

The Arizona Diamandbacks are 63-48 as they start an eight game homestand Tuesday against the Dodgers for three. Then it’s the Cubs for two and a four game home-and-away set with the Astros. Those are arguably the three best teams in baseball and both the Dodgers and Astros represent the best records in each league.

These Dodgers have been an incredible sight to watch this season. They lose Clayton Kershaw for a few weeks and don’t miss a beat. They trade for Yu Darvish, who is going to love Dodger Stadium. On Saturday they became the first team since the 1912 N.Y. Giants to go on a 43-7 run over a 50-game stretch. Arizona has gone 4-6 against the Dodgers, including getting swept at L.A. last month when at the time the DBacks came in only 3.5 games back. Through Sunday’s games, they are now 16 out.

The Cubs were playing their best ball of the season until running into Arizona and Washington at Wrigley. The Astros have stumbled a bit, but still own a huge lead in the AL West. If Arizona can come out of this 10-game death trap with a 5-5 record, it should be considered a success.

Buckeye machine

2016 was supposed to be a rebuilding year for The Ohio State football program and they ended up making the playoffs. A record 10 Buckeyes were picked within the first three rounds of the NFL Draft. This is an absolute machine with five-star high school recruits lining up to take over when the next wave of Buckeyes get drafted into the NFL.

Head Coach Urban Meyer knows how to bring in the best recruits, and he’s actually a pretty good coach as his three National Championships attest to over his years with Florida and Ohio State. In his first five years at Ohio State he’s posted an unreal 61-6 record and brought a championship home following the 2015 season.

CG Technology sportsbooks opened OSU at 10 wins (OV -125) and were bet up to 10.5 (OV -135). I like the move and agree. The only pitfalls likely to happen at home are against Oklahoma on Sept. 9 and Nov. 25 at Michigan where the South Point has OSU -7 already.

The Westgate opened OSU at 8-to-1 odds to win the Championship and slashed it all the way down to 3-1, just behind favored Alabama at 5-2. QB J.T. Barrett is 12-1 to win the Heisman at the Westgate and it offers some good value as he’s going to put up amazing passing and rushing numbers. He should also pass Art Schlichter as the school’s all-time leading passer.

The big reason to like the Buckeyes this season besides being a machine is that eight offensive starters return, including the QB and four offensive lineman. They also return seven defensive starters, including their entire defensive line.