Floyd Mayweather got to 50-0

Aug 27, 2017 9:57 AM

Twenty-five minutes.

That was the hurdle Colin McGregor had to exceed and he ran out of gas. Floyd Mayweather got to 50-0 with a stoppage victory in the 10th round in the mega-fight that broke all records at the gate, even passing the Super Bowl handle at the South Point some seven hours before the first punch was thrown at T-Mobile Arena.

Most of the betting public was on Mayweather to no surprise, but the fight was anything but the clown contest many had predicted. No, right from outset McGregor came to fight, won the first three rounds on my scorecard and was competitive up until the ninth round when he noticeably tired.

Mayweather, ever the opportunist, took full advantage and landed numerous blows that had McGregor out on his feet and up against the ropes before the bell saved him in round 9. He couldn’t get through the 10th however.

Unbelievably you could have had Mayweather at -400 at one offshore book while in Vegas you could have bet McGregor at +550. Reportedly Mayweather tried to make a wager earlier Saturday on himself at the M Resort and was turned down. 

So what’s next? For Mayweather he said in his post-fight comments that his career was at an end. Likely so. As for McGregor, he fought well enough to attempt to stay in boxing if he wishes but the more likely scenario is that he continues his career in the UFC. At least UFC boss Dana White hopes he does.

As for the fight itself it was a win for all parties concerned. Mayweather achieved 50-0 that broke the tie with Rocky Marciano and can rightly claim to be one of boxing’s all-time greats.

For McGregor, he gained worldwide respect for both himself and the UFC by giving Mayweather a battle right throughout.

And of course with the Vegas books, a record setting day in handle. The ones like Oscar de la Hoya and Stephen A. Smith who said the fight should never have taken place came away looking like fools.

Two of the judges at the fight may have been related to the ones that scored the Manny Pacquiao miscarriage in Australia. Each had Mayweather ahead 89-81. No clue what fight they saw. The other judge had Mayweather 87-83. ESPN had Mayweather up by just one point, which was how it should have been judged.