Still not buying Mayweather, McGregor bout as a fight

Still not buying Mayweather, McGregor bout as a fight

August 29, 2017 3:00 AM


I dealt myself out of the McGregor-Mayweather “fight.”

I understand it and understand why it even happened. Sadly, to me, it was another step in the evolution of sports and sports betting into what should be labeled “spectacle sports.” Spectacle sports don’t rely on the sport itself as the reason to watch or participate. Rather they are a hybrid of the game unfolding and showbiz.

This fight was not as bizarre as the fight they tried to promote between Muhammad Ali and Wilt Chamberlain or Rubin “Hurricane” Carter” knocking out a horse with one left hook. We know Conor McGregor would have destroyed and humbled (if possible) Floyd Mayweather if they fought using the skills that got them both here. I’m convinced the money would have been the same, maybe more, if McGregor could have use his MMA skills. I would  have watched that fight, but not this one with one fighter handcuffed. Of course Mayweather would never climb into a ring with the real McGregor.

The NFL is another example of the slide. Look what’s being included and even given equal appeal. The League has sanctioned choreographed group end zone dances. It’s evolved from earning a penalty to being encouraged. In spite of attendance being down 8% and falling they haven’t addressed the fatal flaw of players disrespecting the American flag. That’s going to grow into another spectacle. The League is already marketing the Super Bowl half time show like the game is an afterthought. The draft is a two-day TV spectacle.

The NFL figures will continue to slide in both TV and attendance. They’ll make up for the lost revenue by going to an 18 game schedule, more advertising (if that’s possible) and expanding to other nations and continents.

Whoever thought we’d see high schools dropping football programs for lack of kids going out. The newer iGen kids and their predecessors the Millennials are more interested in safe spaces and smartphones than watching or participating in sports. Virtual relationships and entertainment are taking the place once occupied by athletes and athletic events.

We aging Baby Boomers and beyond have to get with it or get out of the way. Relax, it’s not all bad.

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