Tom Brady in epic Super Bowl faceoff with... Nick Foles?!?

Tom Brady in epic Super Bowl faceoff with... Nick Foles?!?

January 23, 2018 3:00 AM


The stage is set. The battle of the icons is upon us at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota: Five-Time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady of the New England Patriots versus… Nick Foles.

Wait, the Foles that played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2012 to 2014?


Wait, the same Nick Foles that played for the St. Louis Rams in 2015 and Kansas City Chiefs in 2016?


He’s the starting QB for the Eagles in SB 52?


For anyone who is a casual NFL fan that plans on watching the Super Bowl, this QB matchup has to be completely puzzling. We don’t really need to rehash the era of Tom Brady – the rings, the titles, the multiple trips to the biggest game in American sports. But Foles is a product of right place, right time.

First of all, the Eagles are the first No. 1 seed in NFL history to be an underdog in the divisional playoffs. They took down the Atlanta Falcons 15-10, in a dreadful game so ugly that again the Minnesota Vikings headed into “the Linc” in Philadelphia as the favorite. Just like Atlanta the week prior, the Eagles won again, only this time Foles delivered.

The six-year veteran was sensational: 26-33, 352 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 turnovers. Looked amazing, but let’s look deeper. First off, the Eagles might have the best offensive line in football. Foles had all day to throw against the Vikings’ Top 5 defense, a testament to how good the Philly O-line handled the game in the trenches.

Also, the Eagles D ate Case Keenum alive. We finally saw how difficult it was for Keenum to get the ball outside the numbers outdoors. He played his worst game since playing at Washington earlier in the year.

Foles had plenty going for him in the game thanks to his supporting cast, and the mix of the Vikings turnovers in the second quarter doomed Minnesota and the Eagles rolled.

So can they beat New England? Yes. Will they beat them? Too early to tell for now.

It seemed people loved the Patriots at -5 and Eagles at +6 and -5.5 wasn’t jumped on by anyone. Earlier in the year I commented to people that the Eagles seem so well balanced and coached. Wentz is making so many things look easy I wonder if there is a changing of the guard coming. Then Wentz got hurt and I like many others downgraded them too far.

So maybe this is still a reality. Thanks to New England surviving Jacksonville, we will see if that is truly the case. If Philly can actually beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl with a backup QB, albeit probably a backup better than 80 percent of league’s No.2 QB, Eagles coach Doug Pederson will have answered that question. Stay tuned for topics like Super Bowl props. Featuring one of my favorites I do for the paper each year, Super Bowl MVP odds.And anything else that stands out as the Super Bowl Prop sheets hit Las Vegas books.

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