Buzz over Kentucky Derby ticket goes mainstream

Buzz over Kentucky Derby ticket goes mainstream

May 08, 2018 3:01 AM


The article I wrote last week seems to have created a lot of buzz. Even ESPN and AOL picked up on that story; and subsequently, I received over 100,000 hits on my Twitter feed, with a link to my article here at GamingToday. Everyone loves a story about a long shot; especially one that yields $150,000.

It was also a sad day for my friend, who received the first call on Justify days before his maiden race. Not only did he not get a piece of the $150K, I am now finding out he thought he had bet a future for $200 at 12-1 (which he was splitting with someone). Now, looking at the ticket, he realized it was for $100 rather than $200.

The first guy he told about the horse won $150K; the second guy he told he now has to pay $1,200. So that leaves him (the originating guy with the info) minus $100. You cannot make this up.

He actually called me after the race and said, “I am totally cursed and I am the mush of mushes. As you said, I always try helping people and wind up stranded in the middle of the desert with no water.”

This is the same guy who has been around some of the best originators this town has ever seen over the past 20-plus years; receiving their top selections before they played them. Also, the same guy who played (and won) an overlay pick-six that paid him $70K. However, he had given out the combinations to a few other guys, therefore, preventing him from winning the entire pool by himself.

I know this story is hard to believe. However, if you knew the man I am speaking of, (like many people do) you 100% know it’s the truth. Prior to moving to Vegas about 13 years ago, I was told about this guy, but never actually met him. I knew about the Jersey devil, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster, too. This folklore became a reality for me approximately ten years ago when I did finally meet him. I found him to be charming and extremely likeable. However, he is his own worst enemy.

I called him a “batchagaloop” last week. After looking up a definition for “Mommaluke” I think that is actually a more fitting description. The definition, according to, is “someone who constantly screws up no matter what he or she is doing. You can help this person a thousand times and yet they just can’t get it right.”

Now, I do have to give credit where credit is due. The Wynn really gives a player a bang for the buck and this futures bet proves that. Where else can you win and get paid $150K on this type of bet? It is good for the town and well deserved press for John Avello and the Wynn.

The atmosphere of this year’s Kentucky Derby seemed to top that of previous years. I was in three different casinos prior to the big race and every one of them was packed to the rafters.

Now back to the daily grind of baseball.