Nothing like starting your baseball fantasy league season 0-8-2

Apr 17, 2012 3:01 AM

Nothing like starting your fantasy league season 0-8-2.

The good news is the league is free and I won my second week matchup 6-4. From time to time, I’ll keep readers posted on the team in order that those involved in their own leagues may pick up a few pointers that work for me and avoid the ones that fail.

In past years I was involved in rotisserie leagues – meaning that it was points accumulated over the season in different categories. That’s one way to approach fantasy baseball.

This year I chose a different road – head to head competition where my team was chosen by computer in advance. League rules allow for six moves per week.

My team, for those who wish to follow, is called the Hebrew Nationals. Here’s the current roster starting Week 3. Stats count for the 10 players you choose to bat each day. You have to bench 3.

C – AJ Pierzynski

1B – Todd Helton

2B – Ian Kinsler

SS – Tim Tulowitzki, Elvis Andrus,

3B – David Freese, Chipper Jones

OF: Denard Span, Brett Gardner, Andrew McCutcheon.

Bench: Elvis Andrus, Kendrys Morales, Ben Zobrist, Chipper Jones, Wilson Ramos.

Helton was a Week 2 pickup and was huge, batting .350 with a homer and 6 RBI in his last 7 games. Not bad for a guy on just 7 percent of teams in all the Yahoo leagues.

The strength of my team is the infield with Kinsler, Tulowitzki and Freese all capable of 30 homer, 100 RBI seasons. There’s also plenty of stolen base potential with Span, Kinsler, Gardner, Andrus and McCutcheon, but so far we haven’t seen it in the numbers.

Here’s the pitching staff, already taking a hit with the continued arm problems of Chris Carpenter, who was subsequently dropped.

Here’s the current rotation:

Hiroki Kuroda, Adam Wainwright, Mark Buehrle, Daniel Bard, Francisco Liriano, Ivan Nova, Lance Lynn, Jake Peavy. Closer: Mariano Rivera.

Peavy, Lynn and Nova were added in Week 2. Wainwright and Liriano have been bombed in both their outings over the first two weeks. I expect Wainwright to turn it around as he recovers from missing all of 2011.

Liriano, who knows? I’ll admit my patience is running out on this often-injured lefty.

I don’t worry about Mariano as the closer. He can pitch forever.

The Yahoo officials do a good job with feeding you the latest information, but player availability is something that has to be constantly watched.

My tip: Don’t be afraid to take a chance on players in the bottom 10 percent of all rosters.


The Gamblers Book Club has the ideal notebook for keeping up with daily activities – the 2012 Major League Baseball Schedule & Record Keeper.

The first two weeks I followed the New York Yankees. They finished on a 5-1 run after starting the season 0-3 from getting swept at Tampa Bay.

Not much to go on as far as OVER / UNDER – the UNDER is up 5-4. Totals have ranged from 7 to 9½ thus far and the Yanks have been favored in 8 of 9 games. The line has been -138 or higher in 6 of the 8 as the chalk.

This week the Yanks host Minnesota, who they’ve owned the last few seasons, and then travel to Boston. Based on past history, I would expect the Yanks to take at least 3 of 4 from the Twins. A 2-2 split at Fenway would work fine.

Next week: A report on the AL East Tampa Bay Rays and the NL East Philadelphia Phillies.