One of a kind pro baseball 1865 card sells for $92k

Feb 7, 2013 2:29 PM

The 1909 Honus Wagner is the Mona Lisa of baseball memorabilia, but a one of a kind find from 1865 just sold for $92,000.

A rare photograph of the Brooklyn Atlantics baseball team, discovered at a Maine yard sale and considered one of the first baseball cards ever, sold for $92,000 at an auction in Boston on Wednesday.

In February 2007 an almost mint condition Wagner card, considered “The Holy Grail” among collectible items, was sold in Los Angeles for a record $2.35 million. 

A Massachusetts man offered the winning sum for the Atlantics photo in cash after a brief round of bidding at Saco River Auction Co., said Troy Thibodeau, manager and auctioneer at the company in Biddeford, Maine. Thibodeau declined to name the buyer.

The photograph mounted on a card, known as a carte de viste, is the only one of its kind known to exist, though the Library of Congress has a similar image made from a different negative, Thibodeau said before the auction.

“It’s rarer than rare.”

The card shows nine members of the Brooklyn Atlantics, known as the first champions of baseball, and their coach. The team was a founding club of the National Association of Base Ball Players, a forerunner of today’s National League, Thibodeau said.

“It’s more of a piece of photography than a baseball card, but it’s considered by many to be the first baseball card just by the fact that it was distributed by the team,” he said. “It kind of set the stage for baseball cards after that.”

An antiques enthusiast bought the card at a yard sale last year in eastern Maine, Thibodeau said. It was in a photo album the buyer purchased along with old Coke bottles and oak chairs for about $100.

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