Los Angeles Angels make me sick

Jul 30, 2013 3:03 AM

The Angels are a joke but no one is laughing.

Betting MLB presents a lot of value over the course of six months and each team playing 162 games.

It comes down to being very selective. Most of us understand that to truly make good money betting sports you have to “see” it before it happens or before the sports books catch up to a specific trend.

Often times the adage “perception is reality” is false when it comes to cashing sports bets. You must be ahead of the game. If you are reading about a trend in the newspaper, it is too late. The money line and/or point spread will already reflect this info. It’s true, the early bird gets the worm.

Successful sports bettors are either on the move early or against it late. The move represents the money coming in on a game, forcing the sports books to move the number to encourage action on the other side.

You might like the Tigers at -140 but now it has moved to -155. The value is lost even if Detroit is the right side. Why lay $1,550 to win $1,000 when you could have bet $1,400?

Against the move would mean you would take the highest price on the take back. This simple rule of thought will save and make you money long term.

Let’s talk baseball frauds. Ryan Braun comes to mind but I would like to focus on an entire team, the Los Angeles Angels. Outside of Mike Trout and Howie Kendrick, this overpaid, overhyped, underachieving team is an embarrassment.

Now we get word Albert Pujols is out. For the next few weeks or months he is going to get a pass. Up to this point he and Josh Hamilton had been like the rest of this team – a joke.

The Angels have not done anything significant since 2003 so why does this manager (Mike Scioscia) get a free ride? This will mark the fourth straight season they will not be playing in the playoffs.

Pujols has only played the field in 34 of the team’s 99 games, appearing mostly at DH. Give me a break.

Yes, I have lost money betting the Halos this year. Man oh man, would you be rolling in it by simply betting against them. I have not bet on or against the Angels since June 20 when they got swept by the Pirates in Anaheim.

I bet the final game of the series knowing two key players were not in that day’s lineup for Pittsburgh.

I bet the Angels -145 to then see it close at -162. I was up 3 in the ninth and lost thanks to bad managing, horrific defense by Shuck and laughable pitching.

I cut my losses and now see the Angels as the Cubs (I mean the Keystone Cops). When it comes to the Angels, buyer beware.

Football is back! Preseason starts Sunday with the Cowboys taking on the Dolphins in the Hall of Fame game.

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