2014 betting odds to win MLB NL and AL Pennant

Nov 26, 2013 2:30 AM

MLB National League and American League Pennant future odds for betting and wagering are provided by LVH SuperBook. Check your local sports book for the latest odds. MLB future odds are updated weekly.

Los Angeles Dodgers 9-4
Washington Nationals 7-2
St. Louis Cardinals 5-1
Cincinnati Reds 7-1
Atlanta Braves 8-1
San Francisco Giants 9-1
Pittsburgh Pirates 12-1
Philadelphia Phillies 15-1
San Diego Padres 30-1
Arizona Diamondbacks 20-1
Milwaukee Brewers 35-1
Colorado Rockies 35-1
Chicago Cubs 25-1
New York Mets 50-1
Florida Marlins 50-1
Detroit Tigers 7-2
Boston Red Sox 11-2
Los Angeles Angels 11-2
New York Yankees 8-1
Texas Rangers 7-1
Oakland Athletics 7-1
Tampa Bay Rays 9-1
Cleveland Indians 11-1
Baltimore Orioles 11-1
Kansas City Royals 14-1
Toronto Blue Jays 20-1
Seattle Mariners 30-1
Chicago White Sox 25-1
Minnesota Twins 50-1
Houston Astros 100-1
*All bets are action despite relocation and/or name changes.
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