Defining what Mets -120 betting line means

Oct 20, 2015 3:00 AM

Handicapping and wagering on sporting events is fun and can be profitable if done right. However, each individual sport has different challenges to it, and none more than baseball.

I’ve had many people tell me over the years they don’t understand the (betting) lines in baseball. For instance, what does it mean when the New York Mets are -120 over the Chicago Cubs? If betting the Mets you have to wager $120 to win $100.

Many people don’t like those odds and I can understand why, but a better and underrated wager in baseball is the totals. This bet is for the OVER/UNDER of the total runs scored. If the Mets and Cubs are 8, then you either bet OVER 8 or UNDER.

If you take UNDER and the game ends 5-2 you win. A 5-4 result and you lose. It’s a simple straightforward and profitable way to bet baseball and also keeps you interested all the way through the game.

Now, the totals in the NFL are much more challenging to predict. Collegiate and pro sports are very much aware of the Las Vegas impact and wagering on their continuing popularity. They know they depend on it to secure those big TV contracts. Honestly, it’s usually hard for me to watch a game all the way through unless I have something at stake.

I truly believe gambling on sports should be legal everywhere. Would you rather bet a sporting event you have a legitimate chance to win or the lottery? I just think sports without wagering would be a lot more boring.

Mike North has been in sports radio 20-plus years. He is heard weekly on the national FoxSports Radio network, writes a twice-weekly column for the Daily Herald newspaper and does videos for their website three times a week. Listen to his podcasts at Twitter: @North2North. Email: [email protected]