Former MLB commissioner Selig will be remembered as successful leader

August 30, 2016 3:00 AM


Bud Selig is no longer the Commissioner of Baseball, ending his term in 2014, but still should be remembered for some of his innovations. They were successful enough to make other commissioners blush.

I’m not saying every move he made was good, but he listened to the fans and realized as the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers that some things needed to be changed. For me his best move was in 2011, when the MLB announced it was adding two wild card teams in each league to the postseason. They would face off in a one-game playoff, with the winner advancing in the playoffs.

Now some people want a best of three for the Wild Card, but I disagree. I’m sorry, but the second team is lucky just to be there. I also remember the hand-wringing over the drug testing that Selig eventually implemented after being stopped earlier by the MLB Players Association. It has definitely helped clean up the game.

Now I myself am not crazy about interleague play or making the All-Star game count (toward home field advantage in the World Series), but Selig was actually right on the money with both of these moves, too. Most of the other leaders of their respective sports are basically all talk no action, but not Bud. He actually made positive changes and built a solid relationship with the players.

Down the line, his legacy will be admired.