Not comfortable betting on Mets to win World Series, NL pennant

Mar 23, 2017 10:09 AM

Checking out the odds of the New York Mets winning the 2017 World Series is looking like 12/1 and 6/1 that they will come away with the National League pennant.

Why do I not feel comfortable betting either? Probably because old habits die hard, and the Mets just seem to be one of those teams that no matter how good they are, they just might end up losing it all at the last minute.

Even though they have a NL pennant under their belt, I still do not see them repeating. Yet, I would not count them out.

The Mets are good and those I know who have been watching them warm up during spring training have shared that the offense looks good with Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, Steven Matz but Matt Harvey is a question mark. 

Reliever Josh Smoker got some high marks in preseason matchups and he’s been touted as the “next very good reliever.” Other high marks came in for Amed Rosario, predicted as being the “shortstop of the future.”

The Mets open up against the Atlanta Braves on April 3 at Citi-Field. My gut would be to bet against them because I grew up with high hopes and feel as though they would always disappoint.

However, one thing about time, it has a way of moving things forward and these are not your father’s Mets. So as is often the case when it comes to checking on whom to bet on, when I’m undecided I go to the pros.

So I sent a quick text and asked around.

“If the Mets can stay healthy, they will win it all,” said veteran sports radio talk show host, Ken Thomson, host of Sports X Radio.

It’s a bit too early to tell, and in my opinion the Mets are not the team to bet on this year.  Call it a gut instinct, woman’s intuition, or something else. Maybe the pennant but not the Series – it’s just not their year.