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Do LA Dodgers have what it takes to win again?

Mar 30, 2017 9:52 AM

When it comes to the NL West, Michael Klopman, an associate producer for Sports on Earth has written that there are “some really good teams” but he questions whether or not the LA Dodgers will have what it takes to win again.

Klopman’s article, “Long Division: Picking 3 New Champs,” was posted over at on March 27, 2017 and I happened upon it while I was searching for game times for Opening Day.  Yes, I’m counting down the days for the new season, and this past weekend being amongst the many at Cashman Field to take in all the festivities when the Cubs and the Reds came to town for Big League Weekend, surely whet my appetite.

Since I’ve made the move to the West Coast, and am not residing here in Southern Nevada, I find myself engaged in conversations with some diehard Dodgers fans. Many share the tale about how the team came from Brooklyn, and how rooting for the Dodgers has become a family.

As I think about my roots, and which teams I have been loyal to, I am mindful of a piece of paper I found in my father’s dresser after he died, which included the words, “Dear God, please let the Dodgers win.” 

I think about the mindset of a young boy, who lived in Brooklyn, and who must have been heartbroken when his team made the move to California. If he were alive today, I would likely ask my father just how he felt when his team moved to California, and what was it that caused him to become a Mets fan.

Maybe it was the move, maybe it was something else, but my father was from Brooklyn and as far as I know his heart was with the Mets, so something happened to cause the shift. 

You might be thinking about your own roots, and your own team and just what caused you to become loyal or disloyal to your favorite team. For whatever it’s worth, since I am somewhat closer to the Dodger blue, I have decided to do some homework, and educate myself about the history. I have also decided that along with my favorite AL team, I will become a homer and root for the Dodgers this year to win the NL West.

Will they, do it? According to Klopman, it’s not easy to win five straight and the L.A. Dodgers have won four straight division titles.

I am going to suggest that it’s harder to win four and not come away with a World Series title, and this is why I think the Dodgers might have an edge. It’s a matter of pride, and while teams must inevitably go down, I think it’s a lot easier to go down, after you’ve reached the top.

So, my pick for the NL West is the L.A. Dodgers. For my father who loved the Dodgers when he was a boy, for my mother who rooted for them when she moved to Cali, and for all the players who work so hard, play so hard, and give so much, I want to see the Dodgers win.

Would I bet on the Dodgers to take it all? I think so, and remember sometimes it pays to bet like a girl.