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Dana got bamboozled by a fake farm sports tout

Apr 11, 2017 3:00 AM

Taking up where we left off last week when I said it took a turn for the worse.

I was a natural on the phones since I talked the BM’s (bookmaker’s) language to the guys on the other end. Don Best was all computers and I was all thumbs. I was expendable and Dana fired me under the phony guise of downsizing in spite of his dad telling me I’d always have a job. Dana was, like I said, a new breed and not one of us. He was unimpressed and I was out of there on bad terms.

I was angry to say the least. I decided to make Dana sweat by pretending I was going to compete with him.

So, I “founded” Scott Best, a phony company, invented a business model, had business cards made up and gave a head fake of starting a new business. Dana went for the fake; he bought it. He sued me in District Court for breach of the non-compete form I had signed.

Dana, a lawyer himself, also lawyered up with prominent local counsel. Shame on them for not performing extensive due diligence. If they had, they would have found my “business plan” for Scott Best was a joke.

My business card for (there was no such site) was a picture of a farmer munching hay saying “you betcha.” It had a $ sign and a light bulb, indicating a bright idea. My company logo was “where farmers bet.”

The Scott Best business model was even more absurd. It went something like this: I have a site ready to launch designed to get two million people to send me $1 or maybe eight million to send $.25. With the money I raise I’m going to buy a farm in Iowa. The government pays subsidies to farmers not to plant crops so I’m not going to plant corn the first year.

I figure to start out small, maybe not plant 40-50 acres and build up to hundreds of acres. If things go good I may even not plant hay or oats. If all goes as planned I’m going to buy a plane. I’m going to talk to the locals in Iowa to see the best crops not to plant. That’s the long range goal of Scott Best.

When we presented this “business plan” in court the judge threw their case out. He also ruled I could work any place I want. It’s nice to see lawyers look foolish.

Take care, Scotty,