A Saint still giving best for Steubenville

A Saint still giving best for Steubenville

July 11, 2017 3:01 AM


As I have been writing about Steubenville of late, my brother Tom reminded me of a great player I haven’t mentioned – his good friend in grade school at Saint Peter’s back in the late 50’s, Danny Abramowicz.

I am sure most of you have seen the movie “Rudy.” Well, Danny has a very similar story line except it took place at the New Orleans Saints training camp. Danny was one of the original Saints and he kept getting cut from the squad, but the next practice there he was. Coaches kept thinking this slow guy was cut.

Somehow Danny made the team with sheer determination and guts as a starting wide receiver going on to have a great career. At one time he owned the NFL record with a catch in over 80 straight games. Danny is in the Saints Hall of Fame and deservedly so.

When I was in sixth grade at St. Pete and Tom was the first baseman of our team. Danny was the everything guy, a great pitcher. As legend has it and my brother tells it, we were playing Saint Anthony’s at North End field for the parochial league championship. The game was tied 2-2 and we were the home team with Danny at the plate.

He launched one over the rail road tracks in right field. It was a blast and very high. Danny just stood at home plate watching the ball when the Umpire called it a home run. It was the 50’s and these were eighth graders, so no replays! Danny would not run the bases as he said it was a foul ball and sat down at home plate saying he did not want to win that way.

They let him bat again and he hit the next pitch over the center field fence. Where is the movie? Danny now lives back in the Steubenville area and does great work for EWTN. He has come a long way since he and Tom tried to burn down the side of a hill back when.

All Star break

The first half of the baseball season set a record for home runs hit, over 3,300. Not since the age of steroids have we seen a spike like this in home run production. So what has caused the spike? Some say, as always, it’s climate change or George Bush. Some say it’s the ball as it’s much tighter and the stitching is smaller.

Others say it’s the scouting. I myself doubt that. Others say the ballparks keep moving the fences in. The bottom line is no one really knows the answer but for betting purposes if you like a game UNDER the total take a pass unless the team is the Reds, who in their last 10 games before the break played nine UNDER with one tie.

Horse play

I get together with friends on the weekends and we play some pick fives and pick fours together. As a bettor I was appalled this past Saturday when Belmont Park, who offered a great card, would not allow simulcast bettors a chance to play the second pick five they had at the track. The NYRA policy is that it’s an exclusive bet for just their customers.

Well, I say bull crap to you at Belmont and NYRA. Count on this bettor to put my cash somewhere else and you can stick your outrageous takeout up you know where.

I actually find this a little illegal. It would be like Station Casinos saying only bettors with a Station players card can make a bet on their Twin Q or only bettors who play their slots can bet on the Twin Q.

Now to really stick it to us bettors here in Nevada, this will carry on over to Saratoga and Aqueduct with the late pick five. As nice as NYRA is, they will still let us bet the early pick five with the low 15% take out but the late pick five will be offered to NYRA members only. I need a lawyer!

Sticking to horse racing with a much better story line, Katie Clawson, who is only 20, is really making a name for herself on the racetrack at Indiana Downs. She is actually the leading rider there with 50 wins. Look for some big things from this young lady.

Clawson and DeShawn Parker, who just happens to be horse racing’s all-time winning African American jockey with over 5,200 career victories, will be teaming up in what is being called Kings Of The Court. They will be playing Indiana Pacers’ Lance Stephenson and Joe Young in an exhibition basketball game for charity.

All I can say is Katie and DeShawn will need some powers from above and some great three-point shooting to keep this game close. Maybe Shaq will step in and help. Katie did play some hoops at St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Terre Haute and Parker is one of tallest riders in the game at 5’10. Parker said he can play a little. We do see Lance and Dave playing nice.

You could be walking around lucky and not even know it.