Detroit now is what Cleveland used to be – bad

Detroit now is what Cleveland used to be – bad

September 13, 2017 9:09 AM


(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the 23th pitch and final delivery in our 2017 baseball edition of the Dirty Dozen, which emphasizes the very worst of MLB over the past week from a betting perspective. We move on to college football next week).

The Cleveland Indians used to look up to the Detroit Tigers. Now it’s the other way around.

The Tribe has become the dominant team in the AL Central, reaching the World Series last year and currently riding this incredible 20-game win streak in which the last two victories came at the expense of the Tigers. Detroit is ranked No. 3 in the Dirty Dozen this week with over $2200 in losses (per $100 bet) for the season.

Where did it go wrong in Motown? Well you can go back a few years when the Tigers had Max Scherzer and let him get away to Washington. And then the floodgates opened mostly with a pitching fire sale that saw the departure of David Price and the face of the franchise Justin Verlander. And if you really want to get picky, the Tigers originally drafted Andrew Miller, but he’s been gone for almost 10 years.

Apparently getting rid of one Justin wasn’t good enough so out went Justin Upton, who was having a renaissance comeback season, to the Angels. Losing Upton was also a huge blow to social media with Kate Upton joining Verlander in Houston.  You can also throw in power-hitting outfielder J.D. Martinez, who has been a godsend for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Tigers haven’t won a World Series since 1984 or an AL pennant since 2012, but they did have a nice run of division titles – winning the Central four straight seasons (2011-14). Ironically the Tigers are using Cleveland, a longtime lovable loser (the 1989 film classic Major League), as a mode for a return to power. The Tribe did it through trades and Motown is counting on phenom pitching hopeful Franklin Perez who came over from Houston in the Verlander deal.

But the present is bleak and could get even worse if righty Michael Fulmer needs Tommy John surgery. It’s being considered. Well, at least the Lions are 1-0! Only thing is they’ve never been to a Super Bowl.

Well, maybe Detroit can turn to the Red Wings.

And now for this final list of the worst 12 in profits.

12. Tampa Bay (-$622 per $100 bet): Irma sure didn’t help matters

11. Chi White Sox (-691): Do they still play in Chicago?

10. Miami (-696): Might as well blame Irma for this too.

9. Pittsburgh (-855): Can Roethlisberger join the pitching staff?

8. Oakland (-977): There’s the Raiders to get rowdy about.

7. Cincinnati (-1717): The Red Menace has now inflicted the Bengals.

6. Toronto (-1902): Maple Leafs hockey coming soon.

5. Philadelphia (-1927): At least they have Rhys Hoskins.

4. Chi Cubs (-2154): Every time they show signs of life, comes a -200 loss.

3. Detroit (-2228): Kinsler and Cabrera would be nice trade bait.

2. NY Mets (-2697): Will the injuries ever cease?

1. San Francisco (-3760): Attention has turned to the 49ers.

Encore: The Dodgers finally won a game but not before dropping some $3000 in season winnings during that 11-game losing streak. The top two winners, Colorado +1726 and Arizona +1634, are playing each other in a probable one-game Wild Card preview.