Amazing World Series game sets table for a must watch Game 6

Oct 31, 2017 3:06 AM

Believe or not, some of the kids nowadays will describe something as “stupid” if it is, in fact, cool or something that is rarely seen.

To describe Sunday night’s epic Game 5 of the 2017 World Series as such could certainly be interpreted in both its true meaning and the younger slang.

Few can decry the excitement and hype surrounding the incredible 13-12 win by the Houston Astros over the Los Angeles Dodgers, sending the American League champs into tonight’s Game 6 at Dodger Stadium with a 3-to-2 series lead.

Just five days after Clayton Kershaw delivered a 3-1 series-opening win in the fastest World Series game in nearly 25 years, the two teams smashed seven home runs on Sunday night, and the 22 home runs for the series has already topped the previous World Series record for homers in a series of any length.

While fans old and young alike marveled at the back-and-forth slugfest between the young, free-swinging stars, declaring baseball’s deep-rooted seating as the one-time American past time as being back, there still is plenty of room in the crooked-eye camp, where designated hitters, bandbox ballparks, replay delays, mediocre officiating, slickened baseballs and cozy hitting conditions that make even top-of-the-line hurlers look like over-the-hill free agents are considered major factors in turning today’s game into a different sport entirely.

Anderson, Dave “The Butcher” Roberts and A.J. “I’ll fight you in a bar if you talk bad about my team” Hinch are pretty great guys if they are on your team, but these baseball men have just ended up in this place at this time, or so it seems.

Let’s just change all the rules while we’re at it.

How about raising the mound, openly doctoring baseballs and expanding the rosters to 30 players.

They’re going to need that many pitchers if this offensive pace keeps up.

Not only did the Dodgers and Astros already set the series homer mark, but we already know about the postseason and regular season record home run campaigns, as well.

The last time the World Series resembled this was in 2002 when Troy Glaus, Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent combined for 10 home runs in the Angels’ seven-game win.

Imagine the plight of live bookmakers on Sunday night, trying to stay ahead of what had to be an avalanche of live OVER money.

The game had the feel of getting away from Clayton Kershaw and all of the pitchers, as well as Roberts and Hinch again, before the Astros had even put a run on the scoreboard.

Now, after a bit of a breather for a travel day yesterday, the teams are back at Chavez Ravine tonight for the 5:09 start (FOX) for a rematch of Game 2 starters Justin Verlander, of the Astros, and the Dodgers’ Rich Hill, who surprised Roberts’ critics with his good performance, but the skipper earned more criticism by possibly going to his bullpen too early in what ended up a 7-6 loss in 11 innings.

The one element that will help those tired, hurting hurlers tonight, and possibly, tomorrow, are the cool conditions.

While temperatures hovered near 100 degrees in Los Angeles last week, the thermometer could dip more than 40 degrees lower in the later innings, as we may finally have reached some semblance of Fall in the Fall Classic.

While we rate the Astros with the starting pitching advantage in tonight’s game, it just seems like a matter of time before the tired, weakened bullpens implode again.

Oddsmakers were tuckered out by the end of Sunday’s marathon thriller and were okay with waiting to put a number up on tonight’s game on Monday.

While many oddsmakers would be thrilled to have the Astros win the championship after taking their lumps all season with the public-backed Dodgers, books in Las Vegas ended up on the Blue Crew for the most part after Houston furniture mogul Jim McIngvale reportedly spread about $1.8 million dollars on various Astros game and series win bets all across town.

While it may seem like a disaster for local shops, it likely was just a welcome offset of the expected public money on L.A.

McIngvale himself was using the series of wagers as a hedge against his promotion at his furniture chain, promoting $3,000 refunds on any mattress purchase should the Astros win their first-ever World Series title.

Will Houston’s “Mattress Mack” be cashing his tickets later this week?

That matters not to us, as we recommend a local discounted price on the trailing team in this momentum-based series.

After all, it was only four games ago the L.A. bullpen had been untouchable during the postseason. Here, they only have to manage to get an upper-hand on a well-used staff.

Take the trailing Los Angeles Dodgers to win the Commissioner’s Trophy as an underdog entering Game 6.

HOU at LAD (Wed., 5:09, FOX): Game 4 starter Charlie Morton would seem to be in line to make the Game 7 start, if necessary, with Game 3 winner Lance MuCullers Jr., waiting in the wings, while the Dodgers would counter with Game 3 flop Yu Darvish, who still has strong numbers against the HOU lineup despite the second-inning blow up at Minute Maid last week.