Take your time betting MLB, don't worry about betting daily

Take your time betting MLB, don't worry about betting daily

April 10, 2018 3:00 AM


I have been advised by one of the sharpest sportsbook managers in the world, that major league baseball is the most profitable time of the year.


Due to the fact it is a daily occurrence, the volume may not be that of an NFL Sunday, however, cumulatively over the seven days, it is more than NFL Sundays. This means for you, the sports bettor, to be extremely careful with your gambling bankroll during this time of the year.

Do not get caught up with betting every game on the board. I personally do bet a lot of volume, but mostly on MLB totals. History has proven the totals are much easier to beat than the sides. It is very easy to get caught up in a few losing days then decide to start chasing, and then over-betting your bankroll. It is a long season and there will be plenty of opportunities as the season goes on to make some coin.

Here is a good basic strategy play for you. When a total is lined 6 runs, you can blindly play the Over. This line is based on the premier starting pitchers and that is why it is so low. Anytime a game is lined a 6, I go over for many factors.

1. Anything can happen and they can have a bad day;

2. Usually a relief pitcher or two are involved in the game, not just the starters; therefore, on that basis, there is value in that total;

3. The public loves to bet Under when they see a guy like Kershaw on the mound. I live to go against the public. By the way, the sportsbooks do too, and I want to be on their side most of the time. I do not like to play the Overs in April as much, however, as soon as it warms up the ball starts flying out a little easier.

Also, the first five innings wager is usually a pure form pitching result. So if you are betting off pitching stats (which you should be) the first five is often overlooked and undervalued (especially on the underdogs).

We have so many advantages of being here in Las Vegas, having so many different sportsbook lines to choose from. Just yesterday, at game time I saw six different lines on one baseball game. It pays to shop around, especially on the totals, where a 1/2 run can make the difference of being a winner.