Life for a sports bettor so much better today than back in the 90's

Life for a sports bettor so much better today than back in the 90's

April 24, 2018 3:00 AM


Sometimes I have days when I am losing, and I walk around in my house shaking my head, knowing the mathematical edges I had were great but I still could not find a winner. However, I shake the day off as soon as my dog greets me. For gamblers like myself, a pet is a substitute for human relationships we find troubling. A pet’s love is unconditional. Human love is demanding.

Actually, it really is not fair to our loved ones sometimes. In the beginning of my bankroll-building years my wife would work her nine-to-five job and then come home looking to have social hour and a normal dinner with normal conversations about how each of our days were. Well, what do you think I was doing around 6-7 p.m. every night? Watching the live odds screen and looking for indicators of who to bet on. Then when she was getting ready for bed, I needed to be on the screen for half-times.

Then there were times when she said we had to go to a wedding or other event, and all I thought was that on Sundays there are a full slate of games; and this was going to cost “X” amount of dollars to go to the wedding or occasion. (I felt: can’t I just send an envelope with some extra C-notes; bottom line that is what it is all about anyway.)

Even though I had been a winning gambler for each of the last 25-plus years, my parents were old-school and scared to death about my chosen profession the first few years. Back East, where I come from, 99.99% of gamblers are suckers. I used to show my pop the strategy of playing advantage video poker or blackjack. I would tell him how betting a horse race is 20-25% against him compared to playing less than 1% video poker in a casino that would bring the edge after cash back and comps to almost zero. He would tell me I “take the fun out of gambling.”

I think between that and when I paid off their car, they knew I was going to be ok. (Looking back at it now I wish I had more days at sunny Monmouth Park just being with him. Even if he was giving up that big of an edge).

Today things are different; you do not need to do the countless hours of research you had to in the 80’s and 90’s. The sharp guys and groups have computer models they have developed or have had built for them that do the research and stats at the push of a button. We can instantly go to different websites that have information on trends, power ratings and back-tested stats.

You can use many different free websites and gambling forums where regular people post their plays. People love to have their ego’s stroked, so be sure to acknowledge the good posts in order for them to keep posting plays.

The newest thing I see is guys with little or no knowledge of anything above. They are using screen scraping methods or “check for change” programs, that tell them when a sharp person has bet a game, and they can hop on board and bet that originator’s games before or as it’s moving.

Whichever method you use, choose wisely and be happy that it is not 1995.