Start MLB season in Florida and Arizona

Aug 24, 2018 8:38 AM

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the 22th pitch of the Dirty Dozen, which emphasizes the very worst in MLB over the past week from a betting perspective. Golf returns next Wednesday. The NFL replaces baseball on Friday, Sept. 7).

This will never happen, but I have come up with a way to get the most out of the major league season, eliminate any conflict with the NFL while solving all the early season postponements due to snow and frigid weather.

My plan, should nobody choose to accept it, would be for spring training to move up two months from March to January. Have the regular season begin in February instead of April. Play the first three months in Arizona and Florida then return to the regular home base in May and charge season ticket holders only for those remaining games. I think the fans would buy that discount plan, though the owners wouldn’t.

Certainly, from a betting standpoint having MLB games that matter in February and March would be incredible. For sure the interest level would be through the roof. Imagine a second Opening Day in May. What a concept! You can play the All Star Game in June, the Hall of Fame ceremonies and Williamsport game in July.

The playoffs would run in August and you can end the World Series before Week 1 of the NFL. Guaranteed there would be record TV ratings for the Series. But owners would never buy that plan. They would lose way too much revenue in season tickets plus having games played in stadiums seating 10,000 instead of 50,000 in most cities.

But my plan would bring the game back to when the fans really embraced it for the simplicity and closeness. There used to be the Dodgers training in Vero Beach where the same fans would meet every year to renew friendships. Baseball has always had a sense of romanticism where fans could reach out, get autographs, photo ops and high-five players. Can’t do that in football and basketball unless players do Lambeau Leaps or dive into the Gucci Row to save a possession.

Yeah, I’m old school and won’t change. I just wish the baseball powers would for just once give up a few dollars to make common ‘cents.’

And now for this week’s Dirty Dozen, sponsored by the Washington Nationals who dealt Daniel Murphy to the Cubs, sent Matt Adams back to St. Louis and the audacity to put Bryce Harper on ‘fake waivers.’

12. Minnesota -732 (per $100 bet) – We feel for Joe Mauer.

11. Toronto -951 – Can’t wait for the Leafs to hit the ice.

10. LA Angels -1063 – Free Mike Trout!

9. Cleveland -1080 – To many -200 plus losses.

8. Houston -1174 – Altuve DL a big reason for the decline.

7. NY Mets -1459 – Yet another tough loss for deGrom.

6. San Diego -1548 – Every year is rebuilding.

5. Chi White Sox -1574 – We thought Chicago was just the Cubs.

4. Washington -2451 – How can they be this bad?

3. LA Dodgers -3042 – How can they be this bad?

2. Kansas City -3634 – The Royals are this bad.

1. Baltimore -4512 – The Birds are even worse.

Encore: The Red Sox and Athletics are runaway leaders in plus money, combining for over $6,000 in profits per $100 wager.