Dirk Nowitzki and Dallas teammates battle back in championship

Jun 14, 2011 3:00 AM

It’s a little late in the game for me to talk about hero worship, but I’ll plead guilty after watching Dirk Nowitzki and his Dallas teammates battle back and dismantle the Big Three of Miami, particularly Sunday night in the Heat’s home lair.

At halftime of that final game Nowitzki, ice cold and unable to buy a basket in the first half, stood in danger of going from hero to goat.

And it was there that Dirk, I, thousands in Dallas and perhaps you trusted that he would pull it out. He had been too remarkable in the previous five games to allow himself to be shut down by Miami. Nowitzki knew that if he could come back with his customary clutch performance he could win it all.

With the help of the marvelous Jasons – ageless Jason Kidd and the simply wonderful Jason Terry – the work of the underrated Jose Barea and a superb bench crew, the Mavericks rose to the occasion.

I wrote last week I didn’t think they could, but they were not playing by anyone’s opinions but their own, and Nowitzki ignored the trash talk of the superb Dwyane Wade, although there were moments in the first half when it appeared Wade had gotten to him.

Despite Wade’s heroics, and the seemingly confused state of LeBron James, the Mavericks kept coming back upcourt, with a few misdirected passes frightening the faithful, and hitting improbable shots that finally began falling.

Whoever named the Mavericks got it right. The definition is a dissenter, one who stands apart from his associates on major issues.

These Mavericks are just that, and wound up standing apart as the best team in basketball.