My bad beat NBA game Suns hosting the Pelicans

Mar 4, 2014 3:00 AM

What is it about sports betting that annoys you? For me I could list 100 things, but in fairness to time I will address only one or two.

As a professional sports bettor I love very predictable situations like in football when the winning team takes a knee to kill the clock. In this situation nothing bad can happen unless your name is Philip Rivers and you botch the snap, fumble and ultimately lose in overtime vs. the Chiefs a couple of years ago. That bonehead play cost me a lot of money because of butter fingers Rivers who is a train wreck when it comes to protecting the ball.

Let’s address the NBA. Because these players are professional and have to protect their time and travel schedules you rarely see a foul when down by 10 and only 9 seconds to go, unless of course I have money bet on that team. Then by all means foul as I see my money melt away.

Case in point: This past week I was at a sports book taking advantage of in-game wagering as the Phoenix Suns were hosting the New Orleans Pelicans. Less than 3 minutes remain, Suns up 11 and the sports book posting the in-game line at Suns -11.

Knowing the Pelicans never stop playing, always bring the energy and effort, I understood one team would continue to play hard while the Suns would simply be playing the clock, knowing they had more than enough points to win the contest.

I loudly and proudly stepped up to the bet window and bet $500 with the Pelicans +11. Isn’t it fun when you see something before it happens and it plays out the way you planned? The Pelicans wasted no time cutting the 11 point deficit to 6 with 1:30 to go. I am looking good and feeling even better.

The Pelicans never scored again, which is not a big deal. What is was continuing to foul extremely late in the game with no shot of winning while also prolonging their own agony by utilizing two of their timeouts in the last 20 seconds down by 8 and 10 points. Who continues to foul a 90 percent free throw shooter when down 10 with 9 seconds to go?

The Pelicans and their genius coach instructing them to do so, that’s who. All at my expense, of course. The Suns went 6 for 6 from the free throw line and won by 12. I was not happy. To make matters worse, you never bet into a 30 cent line when everyone else has a 20 cent line, meaning -110 either way. Against my better judgment I did see tremendous value at the sports book laying 115 one time.

Never again!

A 20 cent line is very challenging to overcome. A 30 cent line is sticking it to the sports bettor. It is up to you and me not to bet into it. I broke my rule and it cost me. I hate it when that happens.

Getting back to my point about sports betting and randomness, I realize NCAA is different than NBA and that late, stupid, unnecessary fouls will always happen in the college game when you have glorified high school players not understanding they are not going to overcome a double digit deficit in the last few seconds of a game.

I just don’t expect to see it in the pros.

Moving forward – remember to bet with your head, not over it.

Scott does 10 radio shows a week on Fox News Radio, Sports Byline USA on the Nick Bonsanto Show and his own show “Pritchard’s Picks” Thursday on AM1400 radio from 2 to 3 p.m. He is joined by Brett Grant, Anthony Padilla, Mark Mayer and Dink (featured in the sports betting movie “Lay the Favorite” starring Bruce Willis as Dink.) Contact him at [email protected].

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