Betting would help NHL interest and viewers

May 16, 2017 3:00 AM


Time for some random thoughts. The NHL should consider legalizing gambling as a way to increase interest and viewership in their sport.

Funny, the NBA wants gambling to become part of their game, or so it would seem, while hockey stays mum on the topic. There’s no doubt legalized sports gambling will come to all the states as each sport eventually legalizes it.

Here in Chicago, you cannot bet legally on any of the pro sports, but you can drop thousands on blackjack or other games of chance in a casino! Explain the logic there.

A coach in the NBA is only as good as his players, hence San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich, who has lost Tony Parker, blew a 23 point lead after Kawhi Leonard reinjured his ankle, leaving the game with 7:58 left. When you don’t have the players, even if you are the great “Pop” you will probably lose.

Anytime the Cubs want to start competing, we would appreciate it.

The Washington Nationals are the Nationals. That being said maybe this is their year! Nah…

The Stanley Cup is clearly the best playoff bang for your buck with overtimes, close scores and constant action. The NBA has had the excitement of a snail race.

The sadness over losing someone close to you is real and often unexpected. That is the story of Chris Berman and the loss of his wife, Katherine, who was killed in a car accident this past week. Prayers for his family for their heartbreaking and tragic loss.