Wake us up when the NBA Finals starts

Wake us up when the NBA Finals starts

May 23, 2017 3:02 AM


Okay, is it just me or is this really the lamest NBA Playoffs of all-time?

I’m still betting it daily and adjusting my ratings based on the box score, but my desire to sit down and watch an entire game just hasn’t been there.

Am I just getting older? Do I enjoy a meaningless baseball game more? Do I really prefer to watch another Seinfeld re-run I’ve seen a million times more than a Conference Finals game?

That’s what’s been going on in my world since the NBA Playoffs began April 15. I don’t watch, and it’s alarming to me because I’ve been glued to the NBA Playoffs since I was a little kid in the late 1970’s watching coverage of taped games late at night on CBS. This year I don’t seem to care. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been in Las Vegas for the playoffs.

It’s possible not being around the excitable environment of the sportsbook has something to do with my sudden lack of NBA enthusiasm, but that doesn’t hold much weight because I’ve been in northern Ohio surrounded by rabid Cavs fans hungry for another championship.

It’s almost like I had a premonition before the playoffs started that there would be absolutely no drama as seen in most years. I’m not watching and I’m really not missing anything.

The Warriors have won all 11 playoff games they played and the Cavaliers just lost their first Sunday after winning 10. In the West finals, Golden State has played a San Antonio squad without its best two players, Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker. In the East Finals, the Celtics have made a mockery of the game with a Game 2 loss, 130-86. How does a team make the conference finals and lose by 44 points?

To make the series even less desirable to view, the Celtics lost all-everything guard Isaiah Thomas and his 28.9-points a game for the season with a hip injury. Yuck, no thanks.

However, betting it has been rather predictable. Before the Celtics won Sunday night, 111-108, as 17-point underdogs (really? we have a 17-point dog in the East Finals?), the Cavs had covered eight straight games. Winning bets is lots of fun, but I don’t need to watch bad basketball unfold.

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love – I love them all. Same with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. They’re amazing talents. Maybe they’re just too good and no one is at their level of greatness so it makes everyone else look bad, which makes the game look awful on TV. Maybe I’m just old and cranky.

But what I can get excited about is seeing these two steamrollers on a collision course to meet for the third consecutive year in the NBA Finals. Warriors versus Cavaliers. Yes! Now that’s must-see TV.

I will be glued to it to watch these mega-stars battle it out again in the rubber-match of what is essentially a three-game series. Golden State got its title in 2015 and last year Cleveland brought its first title to the city since the Browns won the NFL Championship in 1964.

I’ll bet and watch it. How about a series price? I asked Westgate SuperBook manager Ed Salmons what he thought the price should be and he said Golden State -250. My first thought was Golden State -180, but if I was putting my opinion into it and booking it, I’d make it much lower.

The Cavs are going win this thing, so my wish is to find +200 at a few bet shops.

This NBA Finals is going to be fantastic. Can’t wait. Enjoy.