No World Series repeat coming for Cubs

No World Series repeat coming for Cubs

June 13, 2017 3:00 AM


Time for some random thoughts! You read it here first: The Chicago Cubs will not repeat as World Champions!

The Nashville Predators should be proud of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals, but the Pittsburgh Penguins pulled off back-to- back victories for the first repeat in almost 20 years.

Since I’m writing this column on Monday, I don’t know the winner of the fifth game of the NBA finals, but if the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors, we have a series!

Now if the Warriors win the series, how soon will the ball washing begin for Kevin Durant? Let me just remind people, the Warriors won one championship without him and the following year had a record-breaking 73-win season.

Spanish pro tennis player Rafael Nadal won won his tenth French open and that’s dominance, at least in that one tournament.

As long as we are talking tennis, do you remember Maria Sharapova?

So now that Tiger Woods is yesterday’s newspaper, who is the greatest golfer out there? I’m looking for someone to step up.

I love football, but I can wait for the NFL season to begin.

The NBA and NHL played their finals at the same time. The NHL plays the tougher sport, but the soft NBA is going to rest themselves almost all the way into July.