Does Cleveland soon change to Leaveland?

Jan 26, 2018 8:06 AM


(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth slam dunk in our 2018 NBA edition of the Dirty Dozen, which emphasizes the very worst in the Association over the past week from a betting perspective.)

Remember The Promise and owner tirade the first time LeBron James left Cleveland to sign with the Miami Heat. Well, if he decides to take off again, management and fans may only be too glad to show him and everyone else on the Cavaliers the door.

The Cavs are 12-33-1 against the spread. They are the scourge of a betting public that would prefer less LeBron ads and more triple-doubles. It’s easy to pick on The King because he is. Truth be told he’s having an MVP season, but it’s not trickling down to his teammates.

Of course, our Dirty Dozen panel loves every minute of the criticism. It’s taking some of the heat off Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City, but the Knicks are wagging their figures for no longer having to make excuses for Carmelo Anthony. Our solution: Build the wall, get rid of Sanctuary Cities and deal Melo from OKC to Cleveland for Kevin Love and all his aches and pains.

It may well be time for Cleveland to abandon ship and use the best chip in its deck, LeBron, to acquire draft picks or a new group of younger players. Replacing head coach Tyrann Lue may not be a bad idea either. Tyranny, Dilly Dilly!

Friday night is another crossroads game for the Cavs, who host Indiana. The Pacers come to C-town on a 4-game win streak and have enjoyed great success against the LeBrons. Meanwhile, Cleveland has dropped 11 of its last 15 games and is the second worst defensive team in the Association.

The Cavs are a 5.5-point favorite with the total at 222 if you dare to side with Cleveland.  

And now for the rest of our Dirty Dozen.

12. Utah (24-24-0 ATS): The very definition of mediocre.

11. Miami (22-23-2): How is Goran Drazic not an All-Star?

10. Denver (20-24-3): Not a good year for Denver sports.

9. Golden State (21-26-1): Still going through the motions.

8. Memphis (20-25-2): The Grizz need a shakeup.

7. Charlotte (19-24-3): Very little buzz coming from the Hornets.

6. Milwaukee (18-23-5): The Greek Freak needs some healthy weapons.

5. Sacramento (19-25-3): Maybe another new coach is needed.

4. Washington (20-27): Wall and Beal losing some appeal.

3. Orlando (19-27-1): Bring Dwight Howard back.

2. Oklahoma City (19-28): You can’t blame this on Westbrook.

1. Cleveland (12-33-1): You can’t blame this on King James.

Encore: Of all people, the Brooklyn Nets at 30-18 are the top team in the Association against the spread. Now if they can just win on the money line!