An aggravated gambler Under pressure

An aggravated gambler Under pressure

February 20, 2018 3:12 AM


Sportsbooks in this town constantly move games on air because there are no real bookmakers left. Moving on air is the opposite of when a sportsbook monitors their betting action and moves the lines based on action they are writing. Moving on air happens when a book doesn’t actually take a bet, but adjusts their line, and it could happen for any number of reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part it’s not the sportsbook staff at fault. It’s corporate putting pressure on the books to never have losing weeks. These corporations can basically hire someone for 15 bucks an hour to sit there staring at a live odds screen, and when the key offshore books move their line, these employees adjust their own line to match offshore.

A dirty little secret sharp guys do from time to time is line manipulation. The NBA All Star Game total was 341 on Saturday around 9 a.m. The line went from 341 to 346 in a matter of 15 minutes. This was due to a sharp group betting the key books offshore the opposite way they actually wanted to bet. This way all the other books followed.

With an inflated line, the sharp betting groups then go around betting the “real” way (Under) for much more volume in many more betting spots.

So it’s Saturday morning and all the Vegas books immediately followed the “false move” and adjusted their total to 345/346. I was already looking to the Under and knew the public would be betting the Over so I was waiting closer to game time.

I walked into one of the largest books in town and was shocked to find out the limits were so small on a marquee NBA game. When I bet Under 345 for a max bet (which was half the limit they allow on regular season pro hoops) a particular book I won’t name moved to 343.5. I ran around town betting a few other books the same play and came into the same scenarios.

This would not have happened if they knew who their customer base was and moved according to a sharp bet, square bet or just volume. Unfortunately it’s not the way it works in most of these books anymore. It’s a shame because there are many good guys who work in these books that are capable of making more money for the corporations if they were only allowed to do it the old school way.

This is a perfect example of how things are far more difficult for bettors like myself than they once were. Some books see me come in the door and give lower limits than if a Joe Public with money to burn walked in.

They develop apps to take action remotely, but most of these apps scrutinize sharper accounts while some “deny” bets, and then move on air based on the way I was going to play. If you bet on apps provided by South Point, Westgate, Caesars, and MGM the bets go right through with no stall tactic.

In this particular game it didn’t take rocket science to figure out what was going to be a sharp play. Just a little research, common sense and following social media.

Bradley Beal made a comment a day before the game saying the doubled prize money of $100,000 per player will make these guys play a little more defense. With $100K per player at stake and a little pride because each team was hand chosen by the captains, you can guarantee they would play a little more defense than in previous All-Star games.