Sports betting addict discusses turmoil, recovery

Sports betting addict discusses turmoil, recovery

May 07, 2018 10:47 AM


For the first installment of an ongoing series on addiction, “John Doe” agreed to speak anonymously to Sports Handle because he feels his story may help others to beat, or prevent, gambling addiction.

He’s a 40-year-old business executive who began gambling young, went out of control in college, and “ended up bust” in his thirties. His battle against addiction is ongoing but he’s at a place in his life now where he’s got too much to lose and has confronted the issue head-on.

We’ll call him “John Doe” or “JD” for short. He lives in the Southeastern United States and unfortunately, his experience is not uncommon. Many Americans enjoy gambling within their means, responsibly, as a form of entertainment. But there are many who, like JD, reach the point of compulsivity and things get out of control with real-life consequences.

While we’re sports betting enthusiasts at Sports Handle, we recognize that addiction can creep into the picture, and hope by sharing this account some people will have their eyes opened and perhaps see signs of trouble in their lives or that of friend and family, before they lose everything.

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