With New Jersey set for betting, focus on proper ethics

With New Jersey set for betting, focus on proper ethics

May 22, 2018 3:00 AM


Social media is a source of communication that is fairly new to me. I have had a Twitter account for less than one year. In that time, I have had multiple people ask me to back them in sports or use their plays because they are “winning bettors;” or to be frank, just ask me for money.

Do these people really think a person who makes his living betting sports and finding edges is going to front money for a person hiding behind the anonymity of a fake name? (Not that I would even consider it under a real name.)

I tweet things under my own real name! I do not use catchy or flashy phrases to self-promote when I do interviews. I tell it like it is with one goal in mind: To help you, the reader, gain an edge.

I recently wrote to New Jersey State Senate President, Stephen Sweeney (he is the Senator responsible for regulating sports betting in N.J.) to explain the process sports bettors go through here, in Nevada, when placing wagers.

A company that is set to profit the most in New Jersey throws out players like myself here in Nevada for merely winning.

This same company was just the subject of a VSIN show I am on during the NFL season hosted by Gill Alexander. Gill made some future bets and won them; however, they said he lost. Thereafter, when Gill mentioned this on air, they immediately went in to damage control mode and paid up.

But what if Gill was the average Joe? Well, when you ask to speak to someone at the counter you are given a local number where a person answers the phone and writes down your complaint in a log book. You have a better chance of being called back by President Trump than someone of importance there.

You can, of course, contact Nevada Gaming Control Board. However, most people do not even know that gaming exists. Further, you have to hope they understand what you are saying and side with you.

There is a 1982 law on the books in N.J. that says you cannot ban or throw people out of a casino for using their brain. That law was written for card counting and I am hoping a similar one will soon be in place for sports betting.

I have earned a great living betting sports here in Las Vegas. I feel like this is a small opportunity to give back.

I do this because the public needs a voice and to be protected. This is a new area for N.J. and the governing body writing the laws to regulate it is not familiar with sports betting and needs to know the gamblers’ perspective.

I want to educate other states on what they can expect when hiring various companies. These companies need to give the people betting their hard-earned dollar a fair gamble. My letter to Sen. Sweeney also included praise for the MGM, Golden Nugget and Caesars brands, which will be represented in N.J. and currently do a fantastic job here in Nevada.