To me, Del-unaware how to deal with sports bettors

Jun 12, 2018 3:11 AM

Last week, I trekked my way across the country to see how the opening of legal sports betting would go at Monmouth Park in New Jersey on Friday. But Gov. Phil Murphy did not sign the bill into law last week, doing so only yesterday (Monday). The first sports bets are expected to be made across the state later in the week.

With Jersey delaying, I decided to go to Delaware Park to see how it was going over there after five days of taking wagers.

I have a huge suggestion for the bosses at Monmouth Park. Head to Delaware if you want to see how not to run a sportsbook. The odds boards are outdated, the TV’s are too small, and more importantly, there was hardly anyone there to take a wager.

They only had three windows open, and I stopped counting at 100 in line to make a wager. Then at 10:30 p.m. (only minutes after the West Coast games had started) they announced the windows were closing. If you had winning tickets to cash, you were instructed to please come up to the window now.

I honestly could not believe my ears as I heard this announcement. Nobody else could believe it either.

There were dozens of customers complaining and screaming that this was not fair; they should be able to cash their late-game tickets at a cashier.

I will note they do also have self-service sports betting terminals. However, they only have a $50 maximum wager (in case the Bill Krackombergers of the world try to make a bet).

How does the management not realize people do not want to go home with a piece of paper? They like to hold and feel their money after they win!

I’m not done yet! At 10:45 p.m. the 200 or so televisions all turned off simultaneously. This was during the fourth quarter of the NBA finals! The place literally went dark and the poor tellers at the counter had to deal with an irate bunch, to say the least.

I know I am being tougher on the place than most would be. After all, this is new to Delaware. However, it is not new to the company that is booking the bets.

They should have known what to expect after doing this across the pond and in Vegas for years.

On to another bit of gaming news… For some reason, retired MLB pitcher Al Leiter was allowed to be heard at a state legislative committee on sports betting in New Jersey last week. He actually said, “a rookie pitcher making a minimum contract might be tempted to have a buddy go to many different sportsbooks and bet $500K on a proposition bet whether the first pitch of the game will be a ball or a strike.”

Al, what planet are you on?? First off, those types of wagers would only be available on the World Series, if at all.

Second, those types of wagers are considered propositional and carry a maximum wager of a few hundred bucks. How can he be so misinformed? What is even scarier is the members of this committee may actually believe him because how would they know any better?

The next few days should be a good opportunity to bet against the almighty and powerful Yankees. Sunday night the Mets broke an eight-game losing streak by shutting out the Yanks 2-0.

A very good first place Washington team will be catching some good juice from the Bombers.

Shop around for the best line on the next two games; if we win one of two we will have some nice profit.