VIP Wednesday's 4 Winners

December 25, 2018 3:00 AM


Wednesday's 4 Winners by Richard Saber

1) Boston College (+2) vs. Boise State (CFB)​

The Eagles play in a much stronger conference, playing teams like Clemson and Syracuse. Boston College has the defense to shut down Boise State and they led the nation in interceptions. BOSTON COL.

2) TCU (+1) vs. California (CFB)​

The California Golden Bears own the much stronger defense and they will look to get the Pac-12 a much- needed bowl win in Phoenix. CALIFORNIA​

Richard Saber: Last week: 1-1; 2018 record: 60-39-1

Wednesday's 4 Winners by Alan Berg

1) Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks (NBA)​

Atlanta has a bunch of young talent that is still learning how to win day-in-day out. Meanwhile Indiana is trying prove they are a contender in the East. PACERS​

2) Sacramento Kings at LA Clippers (NBA)​

Two of the most exciting teams to watch both getting the Christmas season off heading into this game. Both teams have been a feel good story and both love to score in bunches. OVER​

Alan Berg: Last week: 0-2; 2018: record: 2-2