Madness reigns

Mar 23, 2010 7:10 AM

Well I hope everyone got their "nuts" off this past weekend, because if that didn’t do it, especially the way we keep score in our business, look for a job pumping gas in Laramie, Wyoming.

The event delivered as always and the proof is when you are ready to cash or tear up your ticket with 40 seconds to go.

From a bookmaking side, the part that is most appealing is that the send-outs on these games and the number at post time has moved minimally, which from our side makes it a lot easier.

The numbers have gotten much tighter and no one is getting 3 points the best of it. Go back a few years and the same type of matchup with a Cornell and Temple, you would get no less than 7 points and now the dog is priced 3 points cheaper.

Look at Kansas and Northern Iowa as another example. Both UNLV and No. Iowa left it on the floor with that game and Kansas, even though not running away with the game, had it under control as they were never in position to lose.

Follow me so far? Ten years ago the thought process on making a Kansas and No. Iowa number would have said to conventional wisdom that No. Iowa would have been somewhat drained and Kansas coach Bill Self would have made it clear that they would sleep walk through that game and his team needed to come out with a monster effort.

Hence you would have been staring down at 15 or 16 and the books would have probably been cheering their behinds off for No. Iowa.

Although we beat the game for a fair amount, the straight action was only a bet and a half high on Kansas and maybe 25% higher in parlay action.

The point I am trying to make is that the thought process has changed in the past few years. And in the majority of games the books will be rooting for the dogs just to stem off 5 and 6 teamers that get live real quick with all those back-to-back games.

The scorecard for Lucky’s for the weekend was as follows: Thursday a good day with the favorites not showing and Friday was average but still a decent win. Saturday was a push but the two late games were bad with Kansas State and Kentucky, and it became a little lucky with Butler not covering.

Sunday was a decent day as we beat the biggest game, which was Texas A&M losing to Purdue. That one game could have turned the whole day around for us.

Now, I have not spoken to any other BM’s but I feel that was the menu for the weekend. But it was a great shot in the arm and even though the handle will go down next week there will be plenty of action to go around.

Now I have been doing this in Nevada since Dick Vitale made a little sense, and we only got cut-in’s if multiple games were going on. But I still marvel at the interest an event can muster.

I remember asking my friend Scotty Schettler once after such a weekend, where do all these people come from?

He said why ask as long as they keep coming.

Take care and I’ll catch up with you later.

Jimmy V