SEC should watch BCS title game

Nov 13, 2012 3:01 AM

With Alabama losing this past weekend it is apparently unlikely an SEC representative will be in the BCS Championship game. That has only accelerated the conference’s drones to resonate their mantra of superiority in the echo chamber.

I have no beef with their claims of being the best conference. They’ve won the last six championships. Only a fool would argue the results. 

What does make me happy is now that the current champion won’t be able to defend their title, and that might speed up the process of expanding the playoff system.

As of 2014 college football will have a four team playoff. It’s better than what we have now, but it’s like eating oatmeal for dinner when steak is right there.

There are so many nonsensical reasons we have no real playoff, but somehow if a conference who sees themselves as so far above the rest of college football loses the opportunity, the right people (read: SEC administrators) might be so outraged that wheels of progress might get a bit of grease.

These SEC guys really take this stuff personally. Whenever Oregon, Kansas State or heaven forbid Boise State, wants to have a chance to compete for a title you hear the automatic response: Let’s see them go through an SEC schedule and see if they come out of that undefeated.

They like to point out how Oregon had a couple chances with their “gimmicky” offense when they played Auburn for a National Championship a couple seasons back then opened with LSU last year.

True statements. However, both those games gave the opposition excess time to prepare for the Oregon offense. I would like to see those teams compete with Oregon with a week to prepare just like USC and Stanford have to.

I’m not saying any of these teams would come out of an SEC schedule unscathed. But I like to remind them neither did last year’s champion, Alabama.

The LSU team that won after the 2007 season had two losses. That was the year Les Miles convinced the world his team deserved a shot since those losses came in overtime, his team was undefeated in regulation.

Would any other conference get away with spouting that line of crap? Of course not.

Do you want to know one reason the SEC won the last six BCS championships? They got to play for six straight championships.

No other conference was allowed to compete in anywhere near so many. The Big 10 and Big 12 each had two chances and the PAC-10 had one. Last year the SEC landed both championship spots.

They’re good and they stack the deck. Tough to lose under those circumstances.

From what I can see, none of those SEC champions were undeserving. They probably were the best teams.

But the contrarian in me enjoys the prospect of the rich not getting richer. I like seeing the little guy get his shot. 

I would love to see Kansas State and Oregon in the championship game. Pre-Bill Snyder Kansas State was the worst team in history. Oregon has been great recently, but for the bulk of my lifetime they were nothing but an afterthought.

And forget about Notre Dame. They are not now nor have they ever been a “little guy.” They have had their chances for a century. It would be like hoping Donald Trump could finally get cut a break.

In the latest BCS poll the SEC has seven spots in the top 10. Seven! Unfortunately for them they have zero in the first three.

So the top conference, loaded with excellent teams, most of whom could win one game against anyone, should be home watching the championship on television. 

Tough. Now they might know how other good teams have felt about not getting a chance to compete for something they worked for and deserved a chance at. Maybe they’ll see their own injustice as an inspiration to get a playoff we have all been begging for.

Chris Andrews has over 30 years experience as a Nevada bookmaker. Follow him on Twitter @AndrewsSports. Chris has a dedicated thread in forums, answering your questions and more. Contact Chris at [email protected]