Reason exists for limits on college basketball betting

Feb 20, 2013 12:47 PM

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When betting college basketball, do you prefer to bet sides, totals, or money lines? 

Maybe you have a preference as to betting first and/or second half. I am always looking for value and open to wherever it can be found. I generally prefer to bet totals as opposed to sides. I have found that sides are much more random than betting totals. 

There is a reason the sports books limit what you can bet on a college basketball total. This past weekend I was at the Suncoast and placed a $550 bet to win $500 on a college basketball total. It was declined. They only would take $330 to win $300.

After I bet it they moved the line a full point. I did win the bet, but was not happy getting $300 when I wanted to bet $500. It happens constantly. When was the last time you bet a side only to be told they will only take $300? I rest my case.

You will find much more disparity in betting totals. The NBA All Star Game opened 290, went to 297 and closed 293. When was the last time you saw that kind of variance betting a side? 

Let’s talk college basketball betting, who’s hot, who’s not and which teams having been cashing the most bets. North Dakota State continues to be a dead UNDER at 17-3 for the season.

Hofstra and Alabama have gone UNDER 15 and 16 times respectfully. On the other side, NC State has been getting the OVER cash with a 14-8-1 mark. 

Against the spread (ATS) winners are Miami, Fl (15-5), San Fransisco (16-6) and Cal Poly Slo (14-7). You can check out my plays on, and Vegas Video Network where I do a live TV show called The Odds Couple every Friday from the studio at noon Las Vegas time. 

Before you BET it, make sure you GET it. I am talking about being very selective and finding real value. I am hosting another “How to make money betting sports” seminar at Harrah’s Hotel/Casino Final Four weekend. I will be joined by fellow professional sports bettor “Dink”, featured in the movie Lay the Favorite starring Bruce Willis as Dink. 

Your investment is only $99. Call me at 702-808-2844 to reserve your seat as seating is limited. Remember Under dogs are often times Under valued. See the cashier.

Scott Pritchard, now based in Las Vegas, is a nationally renowned sports betting handicapper and teacher.

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