Central Michigan lands at top of NCAA football Dirty Dozen list

Sep 18, 2013 10:50 AM

You asked for it and we provide. The annual Dirty Dozen is a collection of the worst teams against the spread coupled with bonehead decisions.

It’s a lot of fun to produce, but the purpose isn’t taking the high ground and hitting teams when they’re down. No, it’s hitting teams when they’re down and making money off them.

For in betting, the worst you can be is mediocre. Try betting .500 teams like Pittsburgh. No clue if the Panthers will cover or not. Better going with Wisconsin, 3-0 ATS despite that coaching and referee meltdown at the end of the Arizona State game.

Oh by the way, the Badgers are favored by 24 against Purdue in Madison.

Yes, this column salutes losers, for they deserve our love and recognition for being successfully bad. We’re not picky. Very good – bet with them. Very bad – bet against.

OK, the monologue is over. Time for the lucky 12 to leave the Green Room and sit on David Letterman’s couch.

1. Central Michigan (0-3 ATS): Hey any team blowing a 14-point lead to UNLV needs to be top ranked. (This week: +12 hosting Toledo)

2. New Mexico St. (0-3): A perennial Dozen team that maintains a standard for failure. (This week: +42½ at UCLA).

3. Notre Dame (0-3): Making Purdue look like Ohio State isn’t a good look. (This week giving 7 hosting Michigan State).

4. Wake Forest (0-3): The Demon Deacons are back to being at the bottom of the ACC. (This week giving 4 at Army).

5. FIU (0-3): Shortened from Florida International since the USA doesn’t want to claim them. (This week +42½ at Louisville).

6. Louisiana Tech (0-3): These Cajuns were really exciting last year, but they can’t stop anyone. (This week +10½ at Kansas).

7. Middle Tennessee St. (0-3): Nothing middle about MTSU. They’re bad. (This week giving 4 at Florida Atlantic).

8. Stanford (0-2): Not covering against Army! What would Andrew Luck think? (This week -7½ favorite hosting Arizona State).

9. San Diego State (0-2): Boy, the Mountain West is awful. (This week getting 11 hosting Oregon State).

10. Kansas (0-2): Lame Of The Week. Jayhawks hosting Oooh La La Tech. Make this one will be a push.

11. Virginia Tech (0-2-1): Remember when the Hokies won with special teams? No more. (This week giving 9 hosting Marshall).

12. Florida (0-2): In need of Urban Renewal, but Meyer is at Ohio State: (This week giving 16½ to Tennessee in Gainesville).

Mark Mayer has over 35 years covering sports events and is the sports editor at GT. Reach him at [email protected].

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