BCS closes out on right note with Auburn vs. Florida State

Dec 10, 2013 3:00 AM

In the final year of the BCS, it all worked out fine. Auburn will play Florida State in the title game and I don’t think anyone would have an issue with that.

Auburn beat Missouri, and Florida State throttled Duke who had their dream season crash when they lost 45-7 to the Seminoles. But for the SEC haters out there, it was set up perfectly. All that had to happen was Ohio State beat Michigan State. Urban Meyer, who hadn’t lost a game and was on his way to a perfect season, couldn’t get it done.

Buckeyes QB Braxton Miller had an 8-for-21 day for a measly 101 yards. Every year I have thought another team maybe deserves to get in besides the ones who actually do. Ohio State had the opportunity on a silver platter, but blew it. So here’s to a great game between Auburn and Florida State.

In the final year the BCS got it right for once. This time next year the playoffs will actually become a reality. This year, if the playoffs were on, Florida State, Michigan State, Auburn and Alabama would be in. And people fear that the fifth-place team who isn’t in will moan, but Stanford is fifth-ranked and has no gripe. So this is it for the BCS. I won’t miss it or shed a tear but it did work…sometimes.

Mike North has been in sports radio broadcast for over 20 years and is currently heard weekly on the FoxSports Radio network out of Chicago. He also writes a daily sports column for the Chicago Daily Herald newspaper. Listen to his podcasts at http://www.foxsportsradio.com/podcast/mikenorth.xml. You can follow him on Twitter @North2North. Contact him at [email protected]

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