Here’s my pick of 5 for Texas coaching job

Dec 17, 2013 3:00 AM

The University of Texas is looking for a brand-new coach following the classy Mack Brown stepping down after 16 years in Austin. There are several reasons, but an important one was his status.

There is no doubt Texas handled Brown’s status poorly. All year long we heard he was on his way out, but who did we hear it from? It was mostly the media, and with the new athletic director Steve Patterson coming in, it seemed like the time was right. Brown did win a national championship with Vince Young in 2005, but key recruits got away, like RG III who went to Baylor and Johnny Manziel to Texas A&M.

We even heard the name Jameis Winston. How much interest isn’t really known, but between truths and untruths, Brown had enough. Replacing him may be tougher. Here’s my top five names for the job – strictly speculation and for fun on my part.

First: Jimbo Fisher. Florida State is on top and Fisher’s upside is huge.

Second: Mike Dantonio of Michigan State who out-recruits Michigan and won the Big Ten.

Third: Jon Gruden gets out of the booth. He makes good money now, but $6 million a year is tough to pass up.

Fourth: Art Briles from Baylor who had RGIII and stole thunder from Brown.

Fifth: Urban Meyer, but does he leave Ohio State? I wouldn’t, but some guys want new challenges quick.

Those are my five. Good luck to Coach Brown; you did fine. Let’s see what someone else can do.

Mike North has been in sports radio broadcast for over 20 years and is currently heard weekly on the FoxSports Radio network out of Chicago. He also writes a daily sports column for the Chicago Daily Herald newspaper. Listen to his podcasts at You can follow him on Twitter @North2North. Contact him at [email protected]

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