UNDER going nuts in NCAA Football Bowl games

Dec 31, 2013 11:15 AM

There is a phenomenal trend taking place that bettors need to take “UNDER advisement” during the current college football bowl schedule. In a season where points have come in record numbers, 14 of the 15 bowls played have gone UNDER the total.

An amazing reversal of fortune to be sure. In fact, the last two bowl nights (Saturday and Monday) have gone a perfect 8-0 for final scores falling short of the posted totals set in Vegas sports books.

Tonight there are four more games on the docket, including Johnny Manziel and his Texas A&M Aggies taking on Duke at 5 pm PT in the Chick Fil-A bowl indoors at Atlanta. The total for that one is a whopping 76.

The day starts early at 9:30 am PT with Boston College against Arizona in the Advocare Bowl in Shreveport, LA. The total in that one is 57. (Note: it often rains in Shreveport).

The other two bowls feature Virginia Tech and UCLA at 11 am PT in the Sun Bowl at El Paso, TX. Total 47. And then there is the Liberty Bowl (1 pm PT) pairing Mississippi State against Rice. Total on that one is 50½.

Looking ahead to next Monday’s national championship game in Pasadena between Florida State and Auburn, the total is 67. If you prefer the side, the unbeaten Seminoles continue to be -7½ point favorites in most all the Vegas books.

Why the sudden 180 away from the OVER? Well, a number of possibilities. Oddsmakers may be setting the totals too high considering the high number of wild shootouts and blowout wins during the course of the regular season.

Another reason could be apathy – some teams really not wanting to be in certain bowls that may be below regular season expectations. Still another possibility may involve schools undergoing coaching changes leaving the program a bit unsettled at this time.

And of course it may just be good old fashioned luck. Whatever, bettors who feel the OVER is due to hit may want to reconsider and simply ride the UNDER for a while longer to see if this incredible trend continues. 

On Monday even the Texas Tech-Arizona State game wound up at 60 --far below the closing total of 72. NFL scoring has set records this year, but no total has even approached the 70 plateau, much less 60.

Bettors should definitely be checking the odds for late adjustments to see whether those early posted totals may be moving a point or two down considering the overwhelming success of the UNDER.

Mark Mayer has over 35 years covering sports events and is the sports editor at GT. Reach him at [email protected].

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