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NCAA Basketball Tournament Capsules

Mar 18, 2014 3:01 AM

(Note: Scoring is generally down this year as we officially begin Dancing this Thursday.)


Record: 18-14

Significant wins: Stony Brook.

Coming in: Won 6 of last 7.

Bottom line: Second straight year making the Dance. Probable 1 and done, but could be a nice dog play.



Record: 20-12

Significant wins: None

Coming in: Won 5 of last 6.

Bottom line: Eagles won conference tourney. Lost by 11 to Ohio State. Lost to Mt. St. Mary’s. No Cinderella here.



Record: 30-4

Significant wins: San Diego St., Duke, Michigan

Coming in: 7-2 in last 9

Bottom line: Wildcats were ranked No. 1 during the year and a deserving No. 1 seed. Tourney sites work in their favor.



Record: 21-11

Significant wins: Marquette, UNLV

Coming in: 2-5 in last 7.

Bottom line: Sun Devils were blown out by Stanford in Pac 12 tourney. Likely to exit this Dance early.



Record: 24-11

Significant wins: Colorado, Kentucky

Coming in: 7-1 in last 8

Bottom line: Bears playing their best basketball of the season. Good karma from football and women’s hoop.



Record: 23-11

Significant wins: Stanford, Texas

Coming in: 10-2 in last 12

Bottom line: Gonzaga snapped Cougars’ 6-game winning streak in West Coast semis. Could make some noise ATS.



Record: 13-19

Significant wins: Cal-Northridge

Coming in: Won last 3.

Bottom line: Big West champs lost 9 of 12 before running 3 in the tourney. Any 13-19 team deserves to lose.



Record: 27-6

Significant wins: NC State, Pittsburgh, Nebraska

Coming in: 5-4 in last 9

Bottom line: Bearcats won 15 straight before leveling off. Tough 2-point tourney loss to UConn. Dangerous.



Record: 21-12

Significant wins: Winthrop

Coming in: 5-game win streak.

Bottom line: Chanticleers have cool name and frigid NCAA numbers. First dance in 21 years so won’t have takers.



Record: 23-11

Significant wins: Harvard. Kansas

Coming in: 3-4 in last 7.

Bottom line: Were Buffaloed in PAC tourney by Arizona. Best to just look at the UNDER, which paid in last 5 games.



Record: 26-8

Significant wins: Maryland, Indiana, Florida

Coming in: 5-2 in last 7

Bottom line: An UNDER machine, closing with eight straight below the total. Never take Huskies lightly.



Record: 26-7

Significant wins: Arizona St, Nebraska

Coming in: 3-3 in last 6

Bottom line: Between McDermott and blowing Villanova away twice, the Blue Jays can reach the Final Four.



Record: 23-10

Significant wins: Gonzaga

Coming in: 10-2 in last 12.

Bottom line: Beating Ohio State in first round would make their tournament. A likely 1 and done.



Record: 25-9

Significant wins: William & Mary

Coming in: 19-2 in last 21 games

Bottom line: Blue Hens can consistently score in the 80’s. Trouble is the first round opponent is Michigan State.



Record: 26-8

Significant wins: Michigan, UCLA

Coming in: 5-2 in last 7

Bottom line: For once the Blue Devils won’t be playing in New Jersey or North Carolina or Atlanta. And not their best team.



Record: 24-9

Significant wins: Belmont

Coming in: On 7-game win streak.

Bottom line: Dan Patrick’s least favorite team is dancing. Colonels are no fans of Belmont, who were supposed to go.



Record: 32-2

Significant wins: Florida St, Kansas, Memphis

Coming in: 26-game win streak.

Bottom line: All Billy Donovan does in Gainesville is take teams to the Final Four and win. Likely to happen again.



Record: 24-8

Significant wins: Creighton, Maryland, VCU

Coming in: 4-1 in last 5.

Bottom line: Colonels have to travel all the way to Salt Lake to face Memphis. That’s a long way to go to lose.



Record: 28-6

Significant wins: BYU, W. Virginia.

Coming in: Won last 5.

Bottom line: Tough draw for Zags getting Okie State first and probably Arizona next. So much for this mid-major stuff



Record: 26-4

Significant wins: Boston Col

Coming in: 8-0 SU, 7-1 ATS last 8.

Bottom line: The most significant result was a 5-point loss at UConn. The Crimson will represent the Ivy well.



Record: 20-12

Significant wins: Xavier, Notre Dame

Coming in: 1-6 SU in last 7

Bottom line: Hawkeyes in worst form of anyone in the Dance, failing to cover in its last 7 games. A bet against team.



Record: 26-7

Significant wins: Michigan, BYU, Iowa

Coming in: 7-2 last 9 before Baylor.

Bottom line: Could see North Carolina in the second round assuming an easy win over NC Central.



Record: 24-9

Significant wins: Duke, New Mexico

Coming in: 2-5 in last 7 games.

Bottom line: Losing the big center Embiid for at least part of the Dance devastating. Self, though, a super coach.



Record: 20-12

Significant wins: Ole Miss, Gonzaga

Coming in: 3-game losing streak.

Bottom line: Wildcats have not won more than 2 in a row since Jan. 10. Sweet 16 at best and probably worse.



Record: 24-10

Significant wins: Louisville, Providence

Coming in: 3-4 in last 7.

Bottom line: Wildcats not up to past standards, although they did rally against Florida in SEC tourney final. Calipari!



Record: 23-11

Significant wins: Texas

Coming in: 10-2 in last 12.

Bottom line: Ragin Cajuns lost to Louisville by 39 earlier in the season. Good news for Creighton.



Record: 29-5

Significant wins: Connecticut

Coming in: 13-1 last 14 games.

Bottom line: Cardinals playing as well as anyone in the field. In my Final Four again and capable of repeating as champs.



Record: 25-7

Significant wins: Marist

Coming in: Won 5 straight

Bottom line: Jaspers happy to be Dancing. After facing Louisville will leave with nice parting gifts.



Record: 24-8

Significant wins: Nebraska, PC, N.Mexico St

Coming in: 2-3 in last 5.

Bottom line: Strong nonconference record. Mass would have much better shot facing Iowa than Tennessee in first round.



Record: 23-9

Significant wins: Oklahoma State

Coming in: 7-4 in last 11.

Bottom line: Lost at Florida by only 2 so the Tigers are capable of making a run.



Record: 26-8

Significant wins: Seton Hall, Ole Miss

Coming in: Won last 4 games.

Bottom line: Remember Florida Gulf Coast? This is the team that sent FGC home in league final.



Record: 16-16

Significant wins: Robert Morris

Coming in: 4-game win streak

Bottom line: From starting 0-5 to the Dance. The team most likely to lose first round just happy to be there.



Record: 25-8

Significant wins: Stanford, Florida St.

Coming in: 7-1 in last 8.

Bottom line: Wolverines can shoot the 3, but too many losses to elite teams to warrant Elite Eight support.



Record: 26-8

Significant wins: Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas

Coming in: Won last 3.

Bottom line: Tom Barton’s boys. Sparty started 18-1 and do have Coach Izzo. Barton doesn’t miss many.



Record: 19-12

Significant wins: Michigan St., Ohio St.

Coming in: 8-2 last 10 games.

Bottom line: Huskers one the best in Big Ten down the stretch. Capable of an upset or two.



Record: 28-5

Significant wins: Morgan State

Coming in: On a 20-game win streak.

Bottom line: The Eagles are clearly flying high, but it’s the MEAC! They get Iowa State first and last.



Record: 27-6

Significant wins: Cincinnati, San Diego St.

Coming in: 9-1 in last 10.

Bottom line: Off big high winning Mountain West tourney at T&M. If scores stay low, Lobos could make Final Four.



Record: 26-9

Significant wins: New Mexico, Idaho

Coming in: 9-1 in last 10.

Bottom line: Aggies won WAC final easily over Idaho, which isn’t saying it. They did beat rival Lobos, so can surprises.



Record: 23-9

Significant wins: Louisville, Kentucky, Duke

Coming in: 12-2 last 14.

Bottom line: Heels did lose last 2 games, but Roy Williams always has them ready to Dance.



Record: 21-13

Significant wins: Tennessee

Coming in: F4-1 last 5.

Bottom line: Wolfpack could have easily been left out of the Dance. Forced to be involved in play-in game.



Record: 25-6

Significant wins: Notre Dame, IUPU-Ft. Wayne

Coming in: 9-game win streak.

Bottom line: Summit champs may do well against teams with acronyms, but have a better chance winning Scrabble.


Record: 25-9

Significant wins: Michigan State, Nebraska

Coming in: 0-7 ATS in last 7.

Bottom line: Buckeyes started the season 15-0. In Dance if you wish to take them, we say sit this one out.



Record: 23-9

Significant wins: Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas

Coming in: 6-5 last 11.

Bottom line: Sooners better not look past North Dakota State in opening round. Not likely to reach Sweet 16.



Record: 21-12

Significant wins: Memphis, Texas, Kansas

Coming in: 5-2 in last 7.

Bottom line: All that Marcus Smart stuff and they still get in. That said, Cowboys can cause a lot of problems.



Record: 23-9

Significant wins: Arizona, Georgetown, Illinois

Coming in: 8-1 last 9.

Bottom line: Lost to eventual PAC tourney champ UCLA. Ducks could make some major noise in this Dance.



Record: 25-9

Significant wins: Stanford, NC State

Coming in: 5-2 last 7.

Bottom line: Hard luck team in Dance with 7 losses by 5 points or less. If Pitt ever figures out how to win close, look out.



Record: 23-11

Significant wins: Vanderbilt, Creighton

Coming in: 6-1 last 7.

Bottom line: Friars caught lightning in a bottle to win Big East tourney. Will give anyone in the Dance trouble.



Record: 26-6

Significant wins: Wofford, Dayton

Coming in: Lost 4 of last 5.

Bottom line: Won 19 straight then hit the wall at the worst possible time. Either NC State or Xavier can beat them.



Record: 29-4

Significant wins: Creighton, Kansas, New Mexico

Coming in: 6-1 last 7.

Bottom line: Steve Fisher continues to a stellar job with Aztecs. Tough MWC title loss to New Mexico. Elite Eight in reach.



Record: 21-12

Significant wins: Connecticut, UCLA

Coming in: 3-4 last 7.

Bottom line: The Cardinal have to travel all the way to Philly to face New Mexico. They may prefer taking on the 76ers.



Record: 31-2

Significant wins: Sam Houston St.

Coming in: 28-game win streak.

Bottom line: No big scalps, but Lumberjacks haven’t lost since late November. They have won 14 straight road games.



Record: 24-9

Significant wins: VCU

Coming in: Won 5 of last 6.

Bottom line: The Hawks play physical and smart, two traits MIA in today’s college hoop. Sweet 16 possibility.



Record: 27-5

Significant wins: Baylor, N. Carolina, Duke

Coming in: Lost 5 of last 7.

Bottom line: Orange started 25-0 and then forgot how to win. Figure to face Ohio State in second round. Take the UNDER.



Record: 21-12

Significant wins: Virginia, Xavier

Coming in: 5-1 last 6.

Bottom line: Crushed Virginia and hung tough in SEC title game with Florida. Vols one of my sleepers to do real well.



Record: 23-10

Significant wins: N. Carolina, Iowa St., Baylor

Coming in: 3-5 last 8.

Bottom line: If Longhorns get past Arizona State, they are likely to lose in second round to Michigan.



Record: 19-14

Significant wins: Prairie View

Coming in: On 9-game win streak.

Bottom line: TSWAC tourney champs get 34-0 Wichita State if they get past Cal Poly in play-in game. Why bother?



Record: 21-12

Significant wins: None

Coming in: Won last 11 games.

Bottom line: The Hurricanes did nothing until midseason and then rocked the C-USA house. On a 10-1 ATS run getting UCLA.



Record: 26-8

Significant wins: Arizona, Alabama

Coming in: 5-1 in last 6.

Bottom line: Stock soaring after PAC tourney title win over Arizona. Give Alford credit both at New Mexico and Westwood.



Record: 26-8

Significant wins: Virginia, Saint Louis

Coming in: 5-1 in last 6.

Bottom line: Let’s stop calling VCU mid-major. “Shaka Khan” is a big-time coach. Smells blood when it comes to Dancing.



Record: 28-4

Significant wins: Kansas, Iowa

Coming in: 6-1 last 7.

Bottom line: Bad loss to Seton Hall in Big East tourney and those two blowout defeats to Creighton stand out.



Record: 28-6

Significant wins: Duke, N. Carolina

Coming in: 16-1 last 17.

Bottom line: Top ranked defensive team in the country. ACC champs for the first time in 33 years. Final Four.



Record: 19-11

Significant wins: North Dakota

Coming in: Won last 3 games.

Bottom line: Whipped North Dakota in Big Sky tourney. Weak league, weak schedule. Faces Arizona first. Sayonara.



Record: 23-9

Significant wins: New Mexico St., Toledo

Coming in: 12-1 last 7.

Bottom line: MAC tourney champs, but played w weak schedule. Best result was 6 point loss to Missouri. Early exit.



Record: 34-0

Significant wins: Tennessee, Saint Louis, Tulsa.

Coming in: Nation’s only unbeaten.

Bottom line: The deck is stacked against the Shockers. If they win the national title, they are the greatest NCAA team ever!



Record: 26-7

Significant wins: Florida, Virginia, Saint Louis

Coming in: 9-2 last 11.

Bottom line: Badgers have great nonconference resume, but just 1-4 ATS in last 5 makes us want to avoid them.



Record: 21-13

Significant wins: Wright State

Coming in: Won 5 in a row.

Bottom line: Only reason they are dancing is Horizon title win over Wright State. They are hyphenated 1-and-done .



Record: 20-12

Significant wins: Western Carolina

Coming in: Won last 3.

Bottom line: Won Southern Conference title we figured Davidson would have. Pronounced Woe-ford now.



Record: 21-12

Significant wins: Tennessee, Cincinnati

Coming in: 3-4 in last 7.

Bottom line: Xavier has a play-in game, but should have huge edge with game in Dayton. Could reach Sweet 16.

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