Finding value in Nebraska-Purdue

Oct 27, 2015 3:00 AM

While contemplating which upcoming game to write about this week, I first looked to the top ranked teams, checked out those teams that remain undefeated and figured I ought to pick a matchup that was bound to be of critical importance.

I also took to Twitter and threw the question out to my followers. “Which college football game are you most interested in seeing this coming week?” I asked. Many suggested the game between Notre Dame and Temple was most definitely the “one to watch.”

Only reason I opted against writing about this game is it seemed as though everyone and his or her mother was doing just that. Rumors that “ESPN College Gameday” would bring their show to Philadelphia for the Temple game were flying all over social media and by Sunday evening, just as I began to type, I changed course.

I can’t write about a game everyone else is so focused on, it’s just going to be one of many. I want to write about a game that’s flying a bit under the radar.

It’s not that I’m not excited to see the Irish head to Philadelphia, but I would just as soon write about something else. I suppose I’ve always been one to give attention to those who are less likely to be noticed. That being said, I’ve chosen to focus on Saturday’s Big Ten matchup between Nebraska and Purdue at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.

Going into this game neither team is having a great year although Nebraska is ahead of Purdue in the West division standings. Last year when these two teams faced one another, the Huskers beat Purdue, 35-14. Don’t be surprised if this year a similar outcome doesn’t unfold.

Why? Well for one thing, although Nebraska has only won one of its last three games, that being against the Minnesota Golden Gophers where they triumphed 48-25, they have averaged 32 points. Purdue on the other hand has only scored an average of 19.3.

The Boilermakers put up 24 against Wisconsin, 12 against Minnesota and 21 against Michigan State. Purdue has just one win all year, that coming early in the season against Indiana State. There were defeats to Virginia Tech and Bowling Green. In fact, all six of their losses were by double digits.

Nebraska has managed to win three games, which is not very good but better than Purdue. They are coming off a disappointing loss to Northwestern wherein they lost by just two points. The Huskers need this win so they have fuel to carry them forward and allow them to finish strong. After their game against MSU, they will face Rutgers and finish on the road at Iowa.

Even though I fully expect Nebraska to win by double digits, I believe both teams have something to celebrate. Besides being a festive day for many who enjoy Halloween festivities, Purdue players have been in the news lately for all the right reasons.

Most recently, Purdue’s Tario Fuller, a redshirt freshman, bought birthday gifts for a young girl after he overheard her talking about what she wanted for her birthday. Purdue Athletics shared a post on Facebook that read, “We couldn’t be more proud of the type of young men and women in our athletics department.”

With so much negativity being reported about how football players often commit such random acts of violence both on and off the field, it’s nice to know some athletes still value the most rewarding treats of all. Random acts of kindness are the best treats ever!

Yet, when it comes to betting you might want to opt for the Huskers.

Michelle has a master’s degree in criminal justice from Boston University (2009) and was working toward a PhD in Public Policy Administration/Law when she took a detour via Vegas. She is now a freelance writer and has her own business, specializing in sports social media. Check out her blog at Email: [email protected].