College Football Playoff Top 4 right now

Nov 24, 2015 3:00 AM

I love the way college football keeps taking the headlines away from the NFL. The playoff format has made liars out of the doubters.

Remember the argument that the playoff format would hurt the bowl games? Well as it turns out there are more bowl games than ever and most of the public doesn’t really seem to care about tradition.

It sure doesn’t seem the schools care because they had no trouble moving to other conferences like Missouri going to the SEC, Maryland to the Big Ten and Utah to the Pac 12 among others.

Now I am ready to give you my Mike North Top Four Real Poll Picks for college.

One: Iowa. Originally picked for fifth in the West of the Big Ten and 500-1 in Las Vegas to have a championship shot. I keep hearing their schedule is easy. Not! And they were supposed to be the cupcakes.

Two: Clemson. The Tigers are playing well though not in a tough conference, but they have beaten everyone including Notre Dame.

Three: Michigan State. They beat a team who won 23 straight. The Spartans are in the toughest conference top to bottom and well coached.

Four: Oklahoma. Oklahoma gets the nod over Bama because of the nonconference game Bama played this past week. Bama is fifth, Notre Dame sixth and Baylor seventh.

Can’t wait for another great week coming up in college football.

Mike North has been in sports radio 20-plus years. He is heard weekly on the national FoxSports Radio network, writes a twice-weekly column for the Daily Herald newspaper and does videos for their website three times a week. Listen to his podcasts at Twitter: @North2North. Email: [email protected]